“You die and I die” Kim Ji-yeon, after a rude bohem finish pledge weigh-in to a fierce nervous battle

“You die and I die”.

Enraged Kim Ji-yeon (33) vowed to finish the ‘rude’ Mandi Böhm (33∙Germany). 

Kim Ji-yeon will face Boehm at the undercard of ‘UFC Fight Night: Rosenstruk vs Almeida’ held at the Charlotte Spectrum Center in North Carolina, USA on the 14th (Korean time). 

Kim Ji-yeon and Boehm engaged in a fierce battle of nerves in the face-off that followed the flyweight weigh-in with 126 pounds (approximately 51.2 kg) each on the 13th. Kim Ji-yeon rushed at Kim Ji-yeon, who finished the weigh-in first, and thrust her head into Kim Ji-yeon without losing. UFC President Dana White had to stop in the middle. 

The reason why Kim Ji-yeon, who is usually known as a ‘UFC nuclear powerhouse’ with a bright personality, was angry because of Bohn’s rude attitude. 

The two fighters were supposed to fight on February 5th. However, Boehm showed allergy symptoms after weighing in and gave up participating in the game three hours before the competition. 

Kim Ji-yeon expected an explanation of the situation, but Böhm suddenly left for Germany. Feeling disrespected by this, Kim Ji-yeon was furious, saying, “You die and I die.” 

Boehm was angry with Boehm. This is because Kim Ji-yeon, who was angry at Bohem who left without saying anything, posted on social media announcing his rematch and saying, “Don’t run away.” 

Boehm, who had been bedridden for three weeks due to severe allergy symptoms, was angry with Kim Ji-yeon for treating him as a fugitive. 

In the end, the two fighters met at the UFC’s training facility Performance Institute (PI) and had a war of nerves, and eventually the PI staff separated the two. 

Through this incident, Kim Ji-yeon said, “I have been more motivated” and promised “I will prepare harder and send it off.” 

The finishing weapon prepared by Kim Ji-yeon this time is boxing. Kim Ji-yeon met with Jorge Capetillo, the coach of WBC heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury (34, England) and UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno (29, Mexico), to further refine her specialty, boxing. 

Kim Ji-yeon revealed the game plan, saying, “I feel scared when I get punched by Bohem.” 

Lastly, Kim Ji-yeon regretted, “Now that I’m on my 4th consecutive loss, I think the fans’ expectations have dropped a lot.” I will do my best until the end so that I can get good results this time.” 

Meanwhile, Zairzinho Rosenstruk (35, Suriname) and Xyleton Almeida (31, Brazil), who are competing in the main event, passed the weigh-in with 265 pounds and 231 pounds, respectively. 

Rosenstruk hit the heavyweight limit (about 120.2kg), while Almeida, who came up from light heavyweight, weighed about 15.4kg less. 

UFC Fight Night: Rosenstruk vs Almeida main card will be broadcast live on TVING and tvN SPORTS from 4 am on the 14th. 카지노사이트

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