Yang Dingxin, who is being disciplined, will return to the top of LG Bae… Clash with Ding Hao on the 30th

Korea Kiwon announced on the 26th that Yang Dingxin and Ding Hao (20 years old or older) 9th dan will face each other in a ‘face-to-face match’ in the 1st country of the 3rd round of the 27th LG Cup Chosun Ilbo Kiwangjeon final held in Beijing, China on the 30th. . 메이저놀이터

Following station 1, station 2 will be held on February 1st and station 3 will be held on the 2nd.

It is the first time in three years since the 24th finals in February 2020 that the third round of the LG Cup finals, a major world championship, will be held face-to-face rather than online

The article that draws attention in this LG Cup final is Yang Dingxin 9th Dan.

Yang Dingxin, who is ranked third in China, publicly raised the “suspicion of cheating” by Li Xuanhao (28), 9th Dan, a fellow player in China, in December, turning the Go world upside down.

Cheating refers to cheating, such as receiving help from artificial intelligence (AI) in board games such as Go, shogi, and chess.

As the wave grew, the Chinese origins punished Yang Dingxin for raising suspicions without clear evidence.

Dingxin Yang was banned for six months on December 26, 2022.

However, the already scheduled LG Cup finals and the Chinese Gabjo League, a team event starting in February, were exceptions.

Yang Dingxin, who participated in the final of the world competition during the disciplinary period, had a deep relationship with LG Bae.

In 2019, at the 23rd LG Cup, he won the first major world championship cup, and in the 26th tournament, where the final was held in February last year, he lost to Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, and took second place.

Attention is focusing on whether he will advance to the final for the second year in a row by defeating Shin Jin-seo, whom he met in the semi-finals, and regain the top spot in this tournament.

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