‘Winger’ Lee Dong-jun falls for Jeonbuk Hyundai… what about side blanks

 Professional football K League 1 Jeonbuk Hyundai side striker Lee Dong-jun (26) collapsed due to an injury in the opening game, and there are concerns about the vacancy on the side.

Lee Dong-joon suffered a hamstring injury during the opening game of Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 against Ulsan Hyundai on the 25th of last month, and was replaced early with Moon Seon-min in the 8th minute of the second half.

Jeonbuk, which had been driving Ulsan with Lee Dong-jun at the forefront, lost a 1-2 come-from-behind defeat to Ulsan after losing a wing.

According to the Jeonbuk club, it will take at least three weeks for Lee Dong-jun to recover.

Starting with a home game against Suwon Samsung on the 5th, Jeonbuk will face Gwangju FC (home game) on the 12th and Daegu FC (away game) on the 19th.

This meant that he had to play three matches without Lee Dong-jun.

Fortunately, after that, it is the A-match break, so Lee Dong-jun can buy time to come back.

Born in Ulsan, Lee Dong-jun moved to Hertha Berlin in the German Bundesliga in January last year, and returned to the K-League this winter wearing a Jeonbuk uniform.

Lee Dong-jun, who started against his former team Ulsan, showed a threatening appearance several times with his unique reckless breakthrough.

Lee Dong-jun played a big role in Jeonbuk being able to overwhelm Ulsan until they conceded a come-from-behind goal.

That’s why Lee Dong-jun’s absence is more regrettable. There are alternative resources such as Han Kyo-won, Moon Seon-min, and Andre Lewis, but because Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-sik prepared the season with Lee Dong-jun as the center, we have no choice but to realize his power leak.

Fortunately, Japanese midfielder Amano Jun, who was replaced due to muscle spasm during the match against Ulsan, is preparing for a sortie against Suwon while digesting team training normally.토토사이트

In addition, Cho Kyu-seong, the K-League 1 scorer last season, who was silent against Ulsan, is also hunting for his first goal.

Jeonbuk is determined to get rid of the shock of defeat against Ulsan through its first victory in Suwon.

Ahead of this season, Suwon, where Oh Hyun-kyu moved to the prestigious Celtic in Scotland, brought in Kim Bo-kyung from Jeonbuk, but suffered a 0-1 blow to promoted team Gwangju in the opening game.

As both teams are fighting with one loss each, it seems that the match will be more exciting than ever.

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