Dublin is a city with soul. While the capital of the Republic of Ireland might not have the aesthetics of Prague or Amsterdam, and while it might not have the in-vogue vibe of Paris or the hustle and bustle of London, it has something that many other European cities lack: soul, ambience, and heart.

There are certainly many historical landmarks and attractions to visit in Dublin: Trinity College, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Grafton Street, and the Guinness Brewery, among others. But the real attraction is its warm and welcoming people. 메이저놀이터

And where to find those friendly Irish folk? In a pub, of course.

Dublin’s true heart and soul lies in its many atmospheric pubs. I’m not advocating you spend your days and nights getting sloshed, but pubs there are the equivalent of the neighborhood osteria or trattoria in Rome or the sidewalk café in Paris or the beer garden in Munich. It’s where you’ll experience the true heart of the city.

Home to over 25% of the country’s population, Dublin is dissected by the River Liffey, creating two very distinct parts of town. A common first question that Dubliners ask one another (if they haven’t picked up the accent first) is: Northside or Southside?

Not surprisingly, it’s important to pick the right neighborhood while staying in Dublin, since that will impact your entire trip.

To help you decide where to stay in Dublin, I’ll highlight the best neighborhoods, so you can choose the area that best suits your travel style and budget.

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