When will cryptocurrencies and blockchain really explode?

Every day more news about what can, can and will happen in the world of Cryptocurrencies (CC) and Blockchain. There has been considerable investment, research, and a lot of talk, but the coins and projects are not yet mainstream. They have yet to bring about the explosive changes envisioned. Many ideas are being discussed and developed, but none have yielded major game-changing results. It is essential that major players in the industry, such as IBM, Microsoft, and major financial services corporations continue to develop useful Blockchain applications – applications that the world cannot do without.

Financial services are a ripe target for Blockchain projects because today’s banking systems are still based on archaic ideas that have been painfully and honestly digitized, and because these systems antiquated so they are very expensive to maintain and operate. Banks almost have a good reason to charge high fees for the services they do – their systems are inefficient. These systems have many layers of redundant data, since everyone involved in a transaction must have a version of their transaction details.  then there’s the job of making sure there’s a trusted third party to delete all these transactions – requiring even more versions of the same data. Blockchain technology promises to solve these problems, as each transaction will be recorded in just ONE block on the chain, and since it is a distributed database, security and integrity are integrated and ensure. It can take some time to build trust in these new systems, as Blockchain transaction 먹튀검증 are not the traditional clearinghouse banks use and trust today. Banks’ confidence in a new technology will take time, and even longer, for that trust to reach consumers.

Another company that may soon be ready to give CC and Blockchain a big boost is Amazon. It looks like Amazon is ready to launch their own cryptocurrency. This is a company whose revenue is the size of a good sized country and they have the ability to issue digital tokens that are fully convertible to other CCs and also fiat currencies. A move like this would allow Amazon:

issue coins (AMAZON) to reward and incentivize developers on any of its platforms
to issue coins to consumers to use for in-app purchases.
issue coins to game players to buy virtual goods in the game
release coins to regular customers as part of a loyalty program

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