‘Unusual field fashion’ Nellie Corda, “Go Home” to her caddy during the competition

LPGA Tour ‘JM Eagle LA Championship’ 2 at Wilshire Country Club Los Angeles, CA on the 29th (local time) A round was played.

Nelly Korda (USA), who is currently No. 1 in the Rolex Rankings and is also famous among Korean golf fans, came to the teeing ground with her uncommon field fashion.

Koda showed field fashion with a hoodie and jogger pants, which are not often seen among players.

Nellie Corda, who came to the teeing ground in a fashion closer to an athleisure look rather than a field look, finished the game in a tie for 20th with a 2 under par 69 in the first round. 

The jogger pants worn by Nellie Corda are pants with banding at the ankle, which maximizes activity by combining joggers, meaning joggers, and pants, meaning pants.

Recently, it is occasionally seen at domestic golf courses for its comfort.  ㅋㅋㅋ벳

During the game, Nellie Corda moves around the course, chatting happily with the galleries. 

She seems to be full of arrogance from the outside, but unexpectedly, she is quite cool.

Nellie Korda’s field fashion, which is receiving attention from golf fans for her tall height and youthful beauty.

I wonder if there will be a wind of change in the field fashion of amateur golfers who pursue splendor and high prices. 

Nellie Korda, who missed a birdie and recorded a par, but showed a slight expression of regret, often grabbed her left wrist as if it was uncomfortable as she holed out. 

Koda, who finished the game in a tie for 20th with an even par 71 in the second round and a total of 140, without any change in ranking, sent her caddy home. There are still rounds 3 and 4 left.

The reason was that he heard the news that his caddy’s wife had given birth during the game.

Although the contest was not over, Coda heard the news of her caddy’s birth and congratulated her caddy by telling her to go home quickly and watch over her and her baby.

This situation is also unusual.

On the morning of the 30th (local time), during the third round, Nellie Corda is scheduled to tee off at 12:25. Caddy will change, of course.

Her older sister, Jessica Koda, who competed with her, is a cut-off situation.

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