UFC McKenzie Dunn, will she overcome the shock of divorce? Hill and main event decorations

‘Jiu-Jitsu Empress’ Mackenzie Dunn (30, USA-Brazil) overcomes the shock of divorce and fights Angela Hill (38, USA). 

Dawn, ranked 8th in the UFC strawweight rankings, will face Hill, ranked 14th, in the main event of ‘UFC Fight Night: Dunn vs.  

The Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) and World Jiu-Jitsu Championships (IBJJF) winner Dunn has been through a major crisis in his recent personal life. He divorced after 3 years of marriage last year. But it was more difficult after that. Dunn frequently goes to court for custody and child support issues.  

At the Media Day held on the 18th, Dunn said, “I suffered from related problems throughout the camp. Divorce is really crazy,” he confessed. To make matters worse, head coach Jason Parrillo was away for a month to prepare for Luke Rockhold’s bare-knuckle (BKFC) game. I also broke up with the manager I had been with for a long time. 

Recent problems have awakened Dawn’s inner aggression. Dunn said, “With his recent personal life and various problems, he will be very aggressive in this match. He respects Angela, she has no personal feelings for him, but she will definitely win this match.” 

Dawn realized he needed a plan to channel his rage in the right direction. Until then, Dunn focused on using his jiu-jitsu skills to submit opponents. However, submissions did not come out so easily in matches against top players. His overzealous attacking attempts would often provide openings for opponents to get out of the ground. 

Dunn said, “This camp was strategic, and I came to training with a fighting vision that I didn’t have before.” “You just have to win the round. If you win every round, you win the match.” 카지노사이트

Hill, a former animator facing Dawn, is aiming for a picturesque counter-punch. He said, “When Dunn advances, there are many things I can do. He comes in defenseless with his chin up,” he said. 

Hill was introduced to Muay Thai as a self-defense art while attending an arts college. After graduating from college, he worked as an animator and bartender before debuting as a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter at the late age of 29. He has produced several famous matches with his strong determination and fighting spirit. 

The UFC Fight Night: Dawn vs. Hill main card will be broadcast live on TVING and tvN SPORTS from 8:00 am on Sunday, May 14th.  

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