‘Triple Crown’ Japanese home run king’s endless fall…Last in batting average, 1st in strikeouts, no home run in 61 consecutive at-bats

 The fall of Munetaka Murakami (Yakult Swallows) of Nippon Professional Baseball is endless.

Murakami, who achieved the triple crown with the home run king by setting a new record for the most home runs in a single season (56) by Japanese last year, dropped to the lowest batting average (.148) with a home run silence this season. 

In the match against Hanshin held at Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo on the 29th, Murakami started as the fourth batter and third baseman and was silent with no hits in four at-bats. He struck out two. 

The Hanshin starting pitcher on this day was Shoki Murakami, who has an ERA of 0 this season. The Japanese media paid attention as ‘Murakami vs. Murakami’s confrontation’. In three head-to-head matches, Hanshin Murakami became the winning pitcher (2 wins) with 8 scoreless innings. After the opening, he continued to score 25 consecutive scoreless innings in 4 games. 

Murakami was the lead batter in the second inning and was out with a ground ball to second baseman. Pitcher Murakami entered first base cover and was out by a hair’s breadth. The Yakult side requested a video review, but it was out.

After 2 outs in the 4th inning, he went to bat and withdrew with a shortstop grounder. And in the third match against Murakami in the 7th inning, he struck out with a swing after two outs. In the 9th inning, trailing 0-7, Murakami struck out on a swing against Ren Kajiya with 2 out on 1st base, and recorded the last out of the game that day.

Murakami recorded no hits in 4 at-bats that day, and his season batting average dropped from 1.56 to 1.48. Teammate Hideki Nakaoka went 2 at-bats with no hits and 1 walk, and his batting average went from 1.54 to 1.5. 토토사이트

Hiroshima’s Davidson, who was the lowest among hitters who filled the required at-bats until the 29th, recorded two hits in four at-bats against Yomiuri that day. He raised his batting average from 1/4 3 to 1/6 2.

Murakami was at the bottom of the batting average. He’s batting 1/4 with 8 runs (12-for-81), 2 homers, 10 RBIs, 6 runs, an on-base percentage of .303, a slugging percentage of .259, and an OPS of .562. It is an overwhelming first place with 39 strikeouts. Murakami has been experiencing a home run drought with 61 consecutive at-bats since hitting his second home run of the season on the 11th. In the meantime, only four hits. In the last 6 games, he has a batting average of 9.1 (2 hits in 22 at-bats) with 12 strikeouts.

Yakult lost two games in a row and has been scoreless for 21 consecutive innings. Yakult, which had 5 consecutive wins in the opening season, recently fell into a swamp of 7 consecutive losses and was pushed back to 5th place in the Central League with 10 wins, 1 draw and 13 losses. Along with the sluggishness of Murakami, the team’s main hitter, the team fell into a losing streak due to poor scoring with a team batting average of 109. 

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