‘Tokyo gold brother and sister’ Ansan and Kim Jae-deok, Hangzhou gold target also aim

Ansan and Kim Je-deok, the archery siblings who heated up the Tokyo Olympics, will also participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games, which will open in September.

Through the representative selection process that took place over seven months, the archery team that will compete in the international competition this year has been confirmed.

Reporter Heo Jae-won reports.

Ansan, the ‘signboard star’ who won three gold medals in the Tokyo Olympics, focuses all her attention on the target.

She passed the archery competition, which is said to be more difficult than the Olympic gold medal, in second place in the women’s division, and continued to wear the Taegeuk mark this year. 토스카지노

[Ahn San / Archery National Representative: I am grateful to be selected as the national representative again after last year, and I want to work hard for the remaining time and achieve good results in major competitions.

] , Olympic gold medalists Kang Chae-young and Choi Mi-seon passed the national selection round side by side.

The youngest Kim Jae-deok, who inspired the national team with his overflowing fighting spirit at the Tokyo Olympics, passed the selection round in third place.

This time, he showed unwavering fighting and pledged to do well in the World Championships and Asian Games.

World No. 1 Kim Woo-jin in the men’s division took first place with his unchanging skills and led the men’s national team.

[Kim Woo-jin / National archery representative: The overall record of the players was high. Since it was high, it helped the players focus more and compete with each other.]

With all three gold medalists in the Tokyo Olympics team event including Kim Jae-deok, Kim Woo-jin, and Oh Jin-hyeok on board, Lee Woo-seok took second place and joined the national team for the first time in five years. I’m back.

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