Tiger Woods undergoes another surgery due to the aftereffects of a car accident two years ago… Uncertain to qualify for the Masters

Golfer Tiger Woods (48, USA) underwent another ankle surgery as a result of a traffic accident two years ago. 먹튀검증

On the 20th (Korean time), Woods announced on his social network service (SNS) that “he underwent surgery to treat post-traumatic arthritis following his ankle fracture.”

He underwent surgery at HSS Sports Medical Center in New York City and returned to his home in Jupiter, Florida to begin his rehabilitation.

Previously, Woods suffered a complex fracture of his right ankle in a car accident in February 2021 and underwent surgery, but last year he participated in the Masters and received applause from fans.

However, at the Masters, which he participated on the 9th of this month (local time), he showed an uncomfortable appearance such as lame, and eventually withdrew during the third round.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Mark Steinberg, CEO of Excel Sports, Woods’ agent, said, “Woods is resting and improving after surgery,” but regarding his return to the field, he said, “There are no specific plans yet.”

“The immediate goal is to resume daily life after recovery,” added Steinberg.

Experts estimate his recovery will take eight to 12 weeks. 

As a result, Woods is expected to be unable to participate in the PGA Championship and US Open, which will be held in May and June, respectively. It is also difficult to participate in the Open, the last major tournament of the season to be held in July.

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