“The theme is strike, be prepared to return home early”… Bae Young-soo-pyo strong training, bluffing toward the pitching team

The theme is strike. Those who cannot do so should be prepared to return home early.”

Coach Bae Young-soo has been training Lotte’s pitching staff since last fall’s finish camp. The basic principle of strong training is also continuing in the Guam spring camp. He foreshadows a grim competition followed by harsh training. 스포츠토토

Coach Bae Young-soo, whom we met at the Dededo Sports Complex in Guam on the 2nd, said at the spring camp, “You have to throw a strike to live. The spring camp theme is strike. I plan to continue pitching in a situation that instills pressure of one ball and one strike,” he said. “For pitchers who cannot do this, opportunities are bound to decrease. He intends to create an environment in which the pitching field of the bullpen is as stressful as possible.”

I plan to prepare and set situations that may arise during the game in advance, starting with bullpen pitching, so that the pitchers can overcome them. Coach Bae bluffed the pitching staff, saying, “If you can’t do this properly, you should be prepared to return home early.” It remains to be seen whether it will actually lead to an early return, but it can be seen as emphasizing that the pitching staff should focus on pitching.

Having already been together since last year’s finishing camp, a consensus has been formed with the team to some extent about Coach Bae Young-soo’s powerful training method. It is to continue the direction from last winter. I hope that the process of overcoming it while training in the most difficult and difficult environment will become a skill.

He said, “In the end, I have to survive in the first team. He said, “I plan to overcome it by creating a stressful environment in the bullpen pitching field and throwing it when it is difficult to balance in difficult situations.”

On this day, most of the pitchers who joined the starting squad, including Kim Sang-soo, Yoon Myeong-jun, Shin Jeong-rak, Kim Won-joong, Na Kyun-an, Choi Jun-yong, and Yoon Seong-bin, pitched in the bullpen. It was clear that he was as careful and focused as he was pitching when he was weak.

First of all, coach Bae Young-soo is trying to mobilize various methods so that the pitching staff can give the best performance. The 138-win legend pitcher is trying to mobilize all the coaching methods he has experienced so far. He said, “There were many things I wanted to do when I became the main coach. I don’t know what the results will be, but I’m going to try all the guidance methods that directors Seon Dong-yeol, Kim Seong-geun, and Kim Tae-hyung did. I hope the results are good,” he said again, expressing his desire to rebuild the Lotte pitching team.

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