The ‘show’ of the worst regime ever has no end, isn’t it embarrassing?

last April 4th. This is the contents of the press release officially distributed by the Korea Football Association (Soccer Association). It is as written by the Football Association, without changing a single note.

Exactly 29 days later, on May 3rd. It turned out to be a blatant lie. Soccer fans and the public were fooled by ‘crocodile tears’. They did a ‘show’ for 29 days.

Is it a sign that we will see it once? The decision to pardon 100 people, including the match-fixing criminal, faced a huge headwind, and the Football Association apologized. At the same time, to emphasize the meaning that they are deeply reflecting, it was the ‘general resignation’ of the vice chairman and board members that was put forward at the forefront.

However, after 29 days, the words were changed. Has the mind of reflection and the will to reform changed? The Football Association proudly gave indulgence to the seven board members.

Even if we leave aside the Korean Professional Football Federation secretary general Yeon-sang Cho, who was the only one who voiced opposition, why did Vice President Choi Young-il, Vice President Lee Seok-jae, Tournament Chairman Jung Hae-seong, National Team Power Enhancement Committee Chairman Michael Müller, Technology Development Committee Chairman Lee Im-saeng, and Medical Chairman Seo Dong-won remain in office? .

Chairman Mong-gyu Chung’s explanation is as follows.

In the position statement, Chairman Chung said, “We considered that some subcommittee chairs resigned after two months of appointment, so there was virtually no opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. I decided it was a good thing to do,” he said.

When asked by reporters about this, Chairman Chung said, “It’s a matter of how you view it. If only 7 out of 25 people remain, 3 out of 4 people have changed. He explained that he was not directly involved in the pardon or suggested it.”

It was a short answer, but ‘from beginning to end’ doesn’t match. Chairman Chung’s clarification rather amplified the suspicion. He also played a role in further increasing the intensity of distrust. Let’s go through each one.

“They were not directly involved in the amnesty, nor were they the ones who suggested it.”

Those who remained in office this time said that they were neither directly involved in nor suggesting a pardon. If so, does that mean that the rest of the executive branch who resigned were directly involved and made suggestions? I can only interpret it that way.

However, among the resigned executives, there are those who entered the board of directors and heard the news of the pardon decision for the first time. Why did they let them resign? It is still unknown on what basis the score for the degree of involvement in the amnesty was scored, and whether resignation or retention was made.

It is a typical ‘splitting’ statement to gain an advantage. An old-fashioned strategy to make the other evil and turn themselves into good. In other words, one side is a sinner who participated in the pardon, and the other side is a clean side that is not related to the pardon. If not, clarify who was directly involved and who was not.

“If only 7 out of 25 people remain, 3 out of 4 people have changed.

It’s not about playing a numbers game. It is to keep the ‘promise’ made directly by the Football Association. Who ordered the resignation of the executive branch? did you force it? It’s a decision they made on their own. Soccer fans believed in it and waited. But suddenly 3 out of 4 people changed, so please understand? Is it too much to change all 25 people?

not pass by rather lacking Where in the world is this clumsy general resignation? The decision to resign en masse of the leadership means that the entire group takes responsibility together. It is not a matter of saving someone and killing someone by weighing the good and the bad of each individual, but the whole thing is to go the same way regardless of who did wrong or who did not.

Of course, among the directors, there will certainly be those who are not personally at fault and those who are unfair. However, responsibility cannot be avoided. It is a crime in itself to have attended the board of directors that voted on the amnesty. Even if you did not attend the board of directors, being included in the board of directors who enforced the pardon is itself a sin. It is right for everyone who could not prevent this to admit their sins together and step down.

“We considered the fact that some of the subcommittee chairs resigned two months after being appointed, so there was virtually no opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities.”

This, too, is nonsensical nonsense. In January, Chairman Jeong Hae-seong, Chairman Lee Im-saeng, and Chairman Müller were appointed. It’s only the beginning of May, it’s true that it’s a short period. But why is the period important? The weight of sin is not proportional to the term. If you commit a sin together, you must quit together even if you worked for one day.

And what about Vice Chairman Lee Dong-guk and Social Contribution Chairman Cho Won-hee, who were appointed on the same day as them? Did they show off their abilities for about 2 months and leave? what the hell is that criterion

“Some vice-presidents decided it would be better to remain in office considering the continuity of their duties.”

Continuity of work, an important part of an organization. The resignation of the executive branch inevitably creates an administrative vacuum. But didn’t you know that there would be an administrative vacuum when you announced your resignation? Knowing everything, he decided to resign. I said it, but was it too difficult to experience it myself?

The decision to resign from the leadership is not made while considering the circumstances. Even though we know it is difficult, we enter the path of suffering with a heart of reflection and a will of repentance. In the path of pain, soccer fans and the people can see their sincerity. However, I heard the white flag without even trying it.

If he is not confident, he should have declared a partial resignation rather than a total resignation in the first place. Words and actions are different. Who can feel their sincerity? It only adds to the distrust. Were you afraid to bring up the word of resignation because public opinion was so explosive at the time? It is merely a bait of total resignation to cover the eyes of the public.

Even those who answered the call cannot understand. Why did you participate in the general resignation? I hope that the Football Association will not make excuses such as samgochoryeo. It is entirely a matter of one’s own will. The difference is the sense of responsibility. If you have the will, you can join the resignation, as many others have done.

they didn’t It can only be seen as the greed of those who want to keep their place until the end. The Football Association gladly accepted this greed. Their own win-win strategy.

In conclusion, it was just a ‘show’ of the Football Association. He must have thought that public opinion would calm down now that some time has passed. Taking advantage of this time, they overturned their resignation and brought back those who fit their taste. Even though he broke his promise himself, he protested that it was too much for us.

be used to. Where has this happened once or twice? Dodol table. It was like that at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the controversy over the appointment of coach Guus Hiddink, and the corporate credit card scandal of employees. There is no end in sight.

They shed crocodile tears while pretending to reflect when public opinion was boiling, and their own formula to return to normal after time. The body is always the same, only the tail is cut off in their own way. This is truly the worst government ever.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Even knowing it, I got hit again this time. I feel sorry for Korean football under such a regime. What can you believe and follow in the worst regime where trust has fallen to the bottom? No progress or hope can be expected. Aren’t Chairman Chung and the returning executives truly ashamed?

Lastly, I will introduce Chairman Chung’s remarks, which most soccer fans are most puzzled by, and conclude the article.

“I honestly thought a lot about whether or not I, who has the greatest responsibility, should step down. However, with only one year and eight months left in my term of office, I will do my best to stabilize the association and finish well as the president. I judged.”

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