The reality of Roland Garros without Nadal is imminent… The era of the earth gods is finally over

The ‘Era of the Earth God’, which seemed to never end, seems to be coming to an end. Rafael Nadal (37, Spain, 14th in the world rankings) is more likely not to participate in the Roland Garros French Open, which is no different from his stage.

Spanish media Marca reported on the 18th (Korean time), “Nadal has not recovered from his hip muscle injury. He is likely to give up the game.”

Nadal will hold a press conference at the Nadal Academy on the morning of the 19th, Korean time. In this position, it seems that he will give up participating in the French Open to be held at the end of this month.카지노사이트

For years, it was difficult to imagine a French Open without Nadal. He first won this competition in 2005, and has reached the top 14 times, including last year. Having won the championship 14 times over the past 18 years, he even earned the nickname ‘soil god’.

Last year, Nadal seemed to open a ‘new heyday’ by conquering the Australian Open and the French Open. He was the first to achieve 22 wins in four Grand Slam events, and reached the top of the French Open 14 times, the most ever.

However, at Wimbledon, he suffered an abdominal rupture injury and eventually abandoned the semifinals. He was also eliminated in the round of 16 at the US Open. In the second round of the Australian Open in January, he lost to Mackenzie McDonald (USA) and packed up early. At the time, Nadal was diagnosed with a torn muscle in his left hip and could no longer play on the court.

Nadal, who has not played since the Australian Open, fell to 14th in the world rankings. If she misses the French Open, she will fall out of the top 130.

Nadal was aiming for a point of comeback after the Australian Open, but it has not yet been achieved. The clay court events he was familiar with, the Barcelona Open and the Madrid Open, and the current Rome Open in Italy were all cancelled.

He aimed to come back at the French Open, but he couldn’t shake off the injury in the end.

Marca predicted that Nadal’s ‘retirement rumor’ gained more strength. The media said, “Injury makes Nadal’s future unclear,” and “In the end, only Nadal will speak at the end.”

Roger Federer (41, Switzerland) announced his retirement last year, and the long and long era of the ‘Big 3’ came to an end. When Nadal leaves the court, tennis history enters a new phase.

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