‘The only transfer student’ KB Na Kyung-bok, enlisted “I’ll see you again in a good shape”

Na Gyeong-bok (29, 198cm), an outside hitter who made a new nest in the professional volleyball men’s KB Insurance, sent a short greeting to the fans and enlisted in the military.

On the 24th, Na Kyung-bok entered a recruit training center located in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do for full-time reserve service. Before enlistment, he greeted the fans through the club’s SNS, saying, “I’ll be back in good health. And I’ll see you again in good shape at the stadium.”

Na Gyeong-bok was the only transfer student in the men’s FA (free agent) market held after the 2022-2023 season. Joining Woori Card as the first overall pick in the 2015-2016 season rookie draft, he changed his uniform for the first time 8 years after his debut. On the 13th, he signed a contract with KB Insurance for an annual salary of 800 million won (600 million won in annual salary, 200 million won in options). 토토사이트

Na Gyeong-bok is considered the best outside hitter in Korea. A graduate of Inha University, he won the Rookie of the Year award in the first season of his debut, and was selected as the regular league MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the 2019-2020 season. He is showing off his top-level skills, including being selected in the V-League Best 7 twice. He has played in 266 games in his career, scoring 3216 points and having an attack success rate of 50.94%. He played an active part this season with 603 points, the most among domestic players, and ranked 5th in scoring.

KB Insurance coach Hu In-jeong evaluated Na Kyung-bok as “a versatile player who can play the apositive spiker position as well”. I expect to be able to diversify my tactics and play a big role especially in attack power.”

This season, Na Kyung-bok put Woori Card in 3rd place in the regular league and made a significant contribution to advancing to spring volleyball for 5 consecutive seasons. However, in the semi-playoffs, KEPCO was caught by KEPCO, and advances to the championship match were frustrated. Woori Card’s challenge to win its first championship came to an end unfortunately.

Na Gyeong-bok, who left Woori Card without achieving his dream of winning, said, “I am grateful for the many considerations that the club has given me since I started my professional life at Woori Card.” I decided to transfer because it was judged that a challenge was necessary.” He continued, “I sincerely thank our KARD fans who have given me a lot of support and love.”

Na Gyeong-bok, who enlisted on this day, is not immediately feeling of power, but is expected to further enhance KB Insurance’s power from a long-term perspective. If you are selected as a national representative for the upcoming 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games and win a gold medal, you can immediately join KB Insurance.

Na Gyeong-bok will be discharged on October 23, 2024, and will be on the court from the 2024-2025 season. He promised, “I will take good care of my body during his military service and become a more professional player at KB Insurance.”

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