“The new coach is an assaulter” “Rumors made up by the mastermind” Gyeonggi Provincial Office fencing team workshop

On the 29th of last month, a post was posted on the complaint bulletin board of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office website, ‘I wish the governor’. It was posted by Lim Joo-mi (29), a national representative and the captain of the women’s fencing epee team at the Gyeonggi Provincial Office. “I heard that a new coach is coming to our team,” she said. He is a person with a lot of problems, such as calling a player who was drinking and resting at the accommodation to drive instead of him while he was a player and assaulting him several times. I am afraid and worried that such a person will become a coach.”

The subject mentioned in the article is Mr. A, who is scheduled to take office as the official Gyeonggi Provincial Office fencing team coach on the 4th. Lim Joo-mi said on the 3rd, “I had trained together in the past, and I remember that she had a coercive tone and frightening behavior. She says that from the 10th she trains with her, she is even thinking about quitting the sport,” she said. Shin Hyun-a (28, Hwaseong City Hall), a woman who said she trained with him 10 years ago, also said, “I don’t say hello well, and she said, ‘I don’t say goodbye. I remember crying because she was scared,” she said. 메이저놀이터

Regarding this, Mr. A said, “It is not true at all.” Ms. A has a past where she was assaulted by her coach in the national fencing team in 2008. He said, “Because of her bad memory, she is usually more careful with her juniors. She even refrains from swearing,” she did. Mr. B, who was designated as a player who was assaulted by Mr. A in her article, Lim Ju-mi, said, “It is a strange story. She was a respectable senior,” she said. It didn’t hurt her feelings at all,” she said.

Mr. A said, “Behind the complaints of the players this time, there was a person who competed for the coaching position.” I was talking about coach Kim Seung-seop, who led Balan Middle School, one of the best in the fencing youth world, for 15 years. It is argued that when Coach Kim was pushed out of the position of coaching women’s epee to eavesdrop on the match, she tried to find fault with her students. Both Lim Ju-mi and Shin Hyun-ah were coached by Coach Kim in Balanjung.

Coach Kim said, “It has nothing to do with her students. In the first place, (Gyeonggi Provincial Office) has no big regrets as a coach,” he vehemently denied the rumors behind it. And “Mr. B was placated. At the time, she tried to report it to the media with Mr. B, but after Mr. A stepped forward, it became like nothing.” On the 4th, Mr. A was appointed as the official coach of the women’s epee team at the Gyeonggi Provincial Office. In response, coach Kim Seung-seop is known to have filed an objection against the hiring results. It is known that the Gyeonggi Provincial Office plans to appoint Mr. A as it is without conducting a fact-finding investigation into the battle. Mr. B said, “Now I have left the world of fencing, but the only person I exchange my regards with is Mr. A.”

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