The never-to-be forgiven party freak”… The FW who caused the ‘wrath’ of the neighbors, who?

Superstar’ Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) is famous for being a ‘party freak’.

The news that Neymar hosted parties and enjoyed them constantly leaked out. Recently, after the Brazilian national team was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, it returned to Brazil and held a party right away, raising rumors.

This kind of party fanatic’s party passion continued in Paris Saint-Germain.메이저놀이터 Neymar’s residence in France is Bougal, a resort town on the outskirts of Paris. It is a small city 15 km from Paris.

Neymar recently held a grand party here. It was his own birthday party. The last 5 days were Neymar’s birthday. Neamar enjoyed a party that made the whole town lively.

I like to party, and what’s wrong with enjoying a party? However, if it harms other people, it becomes a problem. Neymar’s noisy parties are causing Neymar’s neighbors to suffer.

France’s L’Equipe interviewed Neymar’s neighbors. Most were outraged. The hostility towards Neymar was great.

Last 5th, Neymar’s birthday. Neymar continued the party from 3pm to midnight. A tremendous sound, including the mobilization of an orchestra, resonated throughout the neighborhood. Neighbors exploded at this.

A neighbor complained, “Neymar will never be respected. Neymar was too harsh. They had an orchestra and a large sound system. I live across the street and my windows were shaking.”

Another resident said: “I live 600 meters from Neymar’s house. Neymar has no respect for his neighbours. He will never forgive. Some of his parties have lasted as long as 48 hours.” he criticized.

On the other hand, there were a few neighbors who could understand Neymar’s party.

A neighbor said: “Of course you can hear the women screaming and the engine roaring. But I can take it. It’s like once a month at most. Neymar’s parties don’t bother me.” .

Another resident added: “A lot of people are complaining. But at Neymar’s age, it’s normal for a star to party with his own money. I’m not surprised that Neymar is partying, but his name is Neymar.” That’s why it’s rising to the cubic height of many people.”

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