Teenage rivals Yubin Shin and Nayoung Kim, should they get a ticket to Hangzhou? 

The 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held in April of last year, the table tennis national team selection match. Nayoung Kim (POSCO International), a promising 17-year-old, proudly took first place in the women’s division and wore her Taegeuk mark.

On the other hand, Shin Yu-bin (Korean Air), a “table tennis prodigy” who is a year older than him, was unable to participate in the national selection due to a stress fracture injury in her right wrist that recurred during the World Table Tennis Championships in September 2021, and her trip to Hangzhou was ultimately cancelled.

However, as the Hangzhou Asian Games were postponed for a year due to the Corona 19 pandemic, the two were mixed. Kim Na-young had to compete again in a fierce selection match, and Shin Yu-bin had a new opportunity. What will happen this time?

The 19th Hangzhou Asian Games (September 23-October 8), which will be held at the Indoor Gymnasium in Dangjin-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, from the 29th to the 4th of next month. Whether or not the two teenagers are selected is one of the main concerns.

Prior to the Asian Games, the right to participate in the 2023 Asian Table Tennis Championships (9.3-9.10) held in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do is also at stake.

The Korea Table Tennis Association (Chairman Yoo Seung-min) decided to hold a selection this time, including five male and female players selected from last year’s selection. The 2023-2024 national team members are targeted at 10 men and women, but in terms of equity, last year’s national team members who were not included here are also included.

Accordingly, in the men’s division, Lee Sang-soo, Cho Dae-seong, Cho Seung-min (above Samsung Life Insurance), Jang Woo-jin, Kim Min-hyeok (above the ROK Military Sports Corps), Lim Jong-hun (KGC Ginseng Corporation), Park Kang-hyeon, Park Jeong-woo (above Korea Water Resources Corporation), Ahn Jae-hyeon (Korea Exchange), Oh Jun-seong, 12 people, including Woo Hyung-gyu and Jang Seong-il (above Mirae Asset Securities), are competing fiercely for the 5th spot.

In the women’s division, 11 players including Seo Hyo-won (Korea Horse Association), Jeon Ji-hee, Yun Hyo-bin, Yoo Eun-chong, Kim Seo-yoon (Mire Asset Securities), Shin Yu-bin, Lee Eun-hye, Kim Ha-young (Korean Air), Yang Ha-eun, Kim Na-young (POSCO International), Lee Si-on (Samsung Life Insurance) got to compete

The selection will be divided into the first leg (29-31 days) and the second leg (4.2-4.4 days). Asian Games tickets are given to the first and second place in the first game. The rest of the players play the full league again in the second game to fill the remaining three spots. The bottom two players in the first round cannot participate in the second round.

Major matches of this selection will be broadcast live on MBC SPORTS+. You can also check the whole game in real time on the Korea Table Tennis Association YouTube channel (KTTA TV)메이저놀이터

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