Taiwanese infielder Zhang Yucheng signs with Boston

Taiwanese infielder Chang Yu-chung, 슬롯사이트 who played for as many as four teams last year, signed a contract with the Boston Red Sox.

MLB.com, which delivers news of the American professional baseball Major League (MLB), reported on the 17th (Korean time) that Boston and Jang Wi-cheong signed a one-year contract.

The reason Boston signed a contract with Jang Wi-cheong, who became a free agent after last season, was because it was urgent to secure infield resources.

After last season, starting shortstop Xander Bogarts signed with San Diego and Trevor Story was placed on the 60-day disabled list with an injury. Story is expected to be available for games after July.

In the end, Boston set out to find central infield resources such as second baseman and shortstop through the FA market, but even this was not feasible. There are infield resources such as Kike Hernandez, but the lack of players is the same. I got Adalberto Mondesi from the Kansas City Royals, but again, it’s a big difference from when I had Bogatz and Story. Boston’s idea is to bring Jang Wi-cheong and strengthen the player base to endure as much as possible.

However, the question is how far Jang Wi-cheong lives up to Boston’s expectations. Zhang Yucheng, who debuted with the Cleveland Guardians in 2019, played just four games for Cleveland last year before moving to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Zhang Yucheng went to the Tampa Bay Rays and then to Boston at the end of the season. Since he was released from the club due to continuous nomination assignments, he had to play in as many as four teams. His career batting average is only 0.213, so it’s hard to add to his hitting.

If Jang Wi-cheong plays a big role in Boston, it is possible to extend the contract after this season, but if not, it may be limited until the story returns. The fact that Boston signed a one-year contract is also a part that implies the possibility of sending Jang Wi-cheong at any time.

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