‘Taekkyeon promotion law’ stopped due to feud among Taekkyeon people

The ‘Taekkyeon Promotion Act’, which focuses on systematic support for the traditional martial art Taekkyeon, has stopped ahead of its presentation to the National Assembly Standing Committee. When civil complaints arose between Taekkyeon organizations due to differences in opinion, the representative initiating the bill temporarily put on hold, saying that ‘a further review process is needed’.안전놀이터

According to the coverage of CBS No Cut News on the 30th, the ‘Taekyeon Promotion Act’ was proposed on the 7th of last month after going through a preparation process after the Korea Taekkyeon Association’s request to propose a bill in April. As of this day, it is in a state of waiting for the presentation of the plenary meeting after being referred to the National Assembly Standing Committee (Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee). It was confirmed that the representative of the bill, Rep. Kim Yoon-deok, decided that amendments to the contents of the bill might be necessary, and the promotion was put on hold.

Rep. Kim put the bill on hold because groups such as the Taekkyeon Preservation Association and the Korea Taekkyeon Association are protesting against the contents of the bill against the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and lawmakers who initiated the bill.

If the opinions of the groups are not narrowed down, it is expected that the introduction of the bill will be delayed or, in the worst case, may be missed. Taekkyeon people are focusing their attention on whether the ‘Taekkyeon Promotion Act’ will die as a result of conflicts between dissident organizations or emerge as a cure for grand unity.

Groups opposed to the bill took issue with the definition of Taekkyeon leaders in the ‘Taekyeon Promotion Act’ and argued that the bill contained content for only one group (Daehan Taekkyeon Association). A Taekkyeon leader defined in the proposed ‘Taekkyeon Promotion Act’ is ‘a person granted certain qualifications in accordance with the National Sports Promotion Act (Article 11, Paragraph 2)’.

When asked by CBS No Cut News about the reason for opposition to the Taekkyeon Promotion Act, Chung Kyung-hwa, chairman of the Taekkyeon Preservation Association (Important Intangible Cultural Property No. It is appropriate for a person who has completed Taekkyeon training to become a leader (in the bill). It is a law that excludes national intangible cultural properties and gives benefits only to member organizations of the Korea Sports Council.”

Moon Dae-sik, president of the Korea Taekkyeon Association, presupposed that “it is difficult to clearly state the pros and cons of the bill,” but “it is not the same position as the Korea Taekkyeon Association (which led the bill proposal). It was unilateral. It is a problem if only certain groups benefit from the bill. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism protest was made by some people in the association, and it is not the official position of the association.”

Rep. Kim Yoon-deok, who proposed the bill as a representative, said, “There is a difference of opinion between groups, so I want to hear their opinions. In the case of Taekkyeon, there are people who are active in the sports part and there are people who approach it as a traditional culture, but I didn’t know there was a difference of opinion. I only heard about the sports part. So, I want to hear the stories of those who are approaching the culture. In early September, I will meet with the representatives of the group raising the issue.” He continued, “After listening to opinions, we will carefully review the progress. Discussions will be held among all Taekkyeon organizations and if the contents of the bill need to be revised, we will do so.”

When the bill was put on hold, the Korea Taekkyeon Association, which led the enactment of the law, held a board meeting on the 17th of this month and adopted a resolution condemning the actions of groups that disagreed with the bill. Then, they are strongly protesting, such as planning a public announcement.

The resolution obtained exclusively by CBS Nocut News includes a proposal to establish a joint promotion committee in which Taekkyeon groups participate together ▲ Promotion of the Taekkyeon Promotion Act by the Korea Taekkyeon Association alone in the event of a joint promotion committee failure etc. are included.

Ahn Chi-yeong, deputy general manager of the Korea Taekkyeon Association, said, “Groups that disagree with the enactment of the bill are systematically obstructing it.” The organization is in charge of the event. The Promotion Act for these events also stipulates the leader as the National Sports Promotion Act.” She added, “It is possible to adjust the parts that show disagreements, such as the definition of leaders, after discussion, but dissenting groups are opposing for the sake of opposition.”

The Kyulyeon Taekkyeon Association, another organization of Taekkyeon, is also supporting the position of the Korea Taekkyeon Association by condemning groups that disagree with the enactment of the Taekkyeon Promotion Act.

Do Ki-hyeon, president of the Gyeolyeon Taekkyeon Association, said, “The Taekkyeon Promotion Act should be enacted. It makes no sense for an organization of the same sport, not another martial arts group, to oppose the promotion. No. Just as Bulguksa Temple does not belong to the temple, Taekkyeon does not belong to human cultural assets, but to the people,” he emphasized.

The Taekkyeon Promotion Act was proposed by 10 members of the Democratic Party, including Cho Jeong-sik, Yoo Jeong-ju, Kim Seong-ju, Kim Young-jin, Jang Cheol-min, Yoon Jun-byeong, Bang Sang-hyeok, In Jae-geun Lim, and Lim Oh-kyung, as well as Representative Kim Yoon-deok, the representative proponent. Considering the fact that the majority of members of various standing committees, such as the Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee, the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee, the Political Affairs Committee, the Environment and Labor Committee, the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee, the Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock, Food, Oceans and Fisheries Committee, and the Health and Welfare Committee, participated in the bill, the passage of the bill by the National Assembly was expected.

If this bill is passed and implemented, the state and local governments must come up with necessary policies to promote Taekkyeon and protect the people’s voluntary Taekkyeon activities. In addition, necessary policies should be prepared so that the people can receive Taekkyeon education. In addition, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism must establish and implement a basic plan for promoting Taekkyeon every five years.

In particular, the bill stipulates that June 1 every year is designated as Taekkyeon Day, and the state and local governments can provide administrative and financial support to Taekkyeon organizations and Taekkyeon facilities if necessary.

After the bill was proposed, about 1 million Taekkyeon club members are expecting a significant amount of administrative and financial support for the marginalized unpopular event.

Taekkyeon has been maintained through private transmission system rather than state or local government support. Due to this situation, there is no dedicated stadium and no business team. In addition, during the pandemic of the COVID-19 infectious disease, private training centers suffered damage as they were not included in the target of support related to sports facilities.

Taekkyeon was designated as a national intangible cultural property in 1983. In 2011, it was the first sports event in the world to be registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Adoption as an official sport for the Asian Games is underway.

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