‘Superstar’ Ohtani is on the rise! More than 100 reporters from Korea and Japan gathered together, ’caused by crowds of people’ [MK Osaka]

‘Superstar’ Ohtani Shohei (LA Angels, 29) has appeared in Osaka, Japan. The training ground was packed with people, with more than 100 reporters from Korea and Japan flocking to capture Ohtani’s training.메이저놀이터

The Japanese baseball team, Samurai Japan, participating in the 2023 World Baseball Classic, conducted official training at the Buffaloes Stadium in Maishima, Osaka, Japan on the 5th. The training, which started at 4:00 p.m., drew keen attention from Korean and Japanese reporters.

After the official training of the Korean national team at 1:30 and the official media interview was completed, the Korean and Japanese reporters gathered in the spectators behind the backstop of the main stadium began to stir. It was because the training plan for the Japanese national team, which included Ohtani, who was not sure whether to attend the training that day, was partially known.

By the time the Korean national team was finishing their training, an unexpectedly strong wind blew, and the Japanese national team decided to hold an informal training session at the indoor training ground next to the main stadium. Compared to the fact that all members of the Korean national team participated in the training, only a portion of the Japanese national team, which had been training together in Nagoya until the previous day and returned to Osaka in the morning of the same day, attended the training. That’s why Ohtani’s participation in the training was more like a surprise event, and as the training locations in Korea and Japan overlapped, interest became even hotter.

Korean and Japanese broadcasting station ENG cameras and media cameras began to move busily to capture the Japanese national team entering, and reporters moved to the training ground one after another. The Japanese reporters also went out like the ebb tide.

The training ground itself for the Japanese national team was actually shabby. It was relatively small in size as it was an indoor practice facility attached to the Orix 2nd Army Stadium. In addition, since the entire inside of the training ground was covered with a net, it was a structure that reporters could not access in the first place even if it was not a rule. However, in the space isolated by the net inside the indoor practice ran

I didn’t count the exact number, but at least 100 people paid attention to Ohtani’s every move. The sound of the shutters did not stop, and the ENG cameras filmed every aspect of Ohtani throughout. After putting down her bag in front of the reporters for the first time, Ohtani, who briefly warmed up by running, seemed to feel burdened by this interest.

Soon after, he moved to the inside of the practice range farthest from the reporters, threw a ball into the net, did simple stretching, warm-up and conditioning exercises, and played a simple catch with the bullpen catcher.

There were no key training scenes such as live batting or pitching in the bullpen, but the attention of the reporters did not seem to leave Ohtani. There were also a significant number of reporters who could not find a seat indoors and watched the situation from outside. In the first place, the venue was so small that even WBC Organizing Committee officials could not enter the indoor practice field.

Ohtani’s expression brightened. He was also seen talking to teammates, including Japanese-American major leaguer Lars Nutba (St. Louis), as well as the team’s coaching staff and officials.

The Japanese national team and Ohtani also enter the full-fledged tournament mode through actual matches. In the evening matches at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, they will face the Hanshin Tigers on the 6th and the Orix Buffaloes on the 7th. After South Korea played Orix on the 6th and Hanshin on the 7th at noon, in the evening Japan played an evaluation match against a different opponent.

Ohtani, who was unable to play in actual matches because he is an active major leaguer, is expected to make an appearance through the games on the 6th and 7th. Also, according to Japanese media, Ohtani is highly likely to start in the match between Korea and Japan scheduled for the 10th.

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