Sungkyunkwan University beats Kyunghee University again in a year, secret weapon Won Jun-seok shines

“Won Jun-seok was the secret weapon.”

Sungkyunkwan University significantly improved its chances of making the playoffs after beating Kyung Hee University 70-60 at home on 8 August in the gymnasium of Sungkyunkwan University’s Natural Science Campus. Sitting in fifth place with six wins and six losses, Sungkyunkwan University needs just one more win to virtually clinch a playoff spot.

It’s the end of the season. A win is even more important than at the beginning of the season. If they lose, they don’t have as many chances to make up for it.

Sungkyunkwan University and Kyung Hee University, both with five wins and six losses, meet, with the winner gaining an advantageous position in the playoffs.

The two teams had faced off at a similar time last season. Of course, the situation was different. Kyung Hee University had clinched third place, while Sungkyunkwan University’s playoff spot depended on a win or loss. Sungkyunkwan won 83-78 and secured a playoff spot.메이저사이트

The date was 8 June 2022, exactly one year ago. The venue was the same.

Sungkyunkwan University was not at full strength, as its mainstays Kang Sung-wook and Kim Yoon-sung were absent from the U19 World Cup squad. Instead, Won Jun-seok (195cm, F) was available from that day.

Won joined Dongguk University last year and played a total of 46 minutes and seven seconds in five games in the KU Basketball League, recording seven points, seven rebounds and five assists. He averaged 1.4 points, 1.4 rebounds and 1.0 assists.

If he transfers or readmits to another university, he will be suspended for three months. This was the case with Won Jun-seok, who re-entered Sungkyunkwan University from Dongguk University.

In his return to the collegiate stage in a Sungkyunkwan uniform, Won recorded a double-double with 16 points, 11 rebounds and three assists in 33 minutes and 40 seconds of action. He was able to fill the void left by Kim Yoon-seong’s absence.

“It’s been about a year since I’ve played an official game (since May last year), so I thought I’d be nervous, but I did a good job,” Won said in a postgame interview. “We’re a big team, so they asked me to play the role of a trailer in defence, rebounding and transition, and I didn’t do enough, but I did a little bit, but I need to work harder. I need to make up for the shots that didn’t go in and the layups that I missed in the trailer role.”

For reference, Won Jun-seok’s last appearance for Dongguk University was on 2 May last year against Chung-Ang University, and his last appearance in the starting lineup was on 10 May last year against Kyung Hee University.

Sungkyunkwan University head coach Kim Sang-jun said, “Won Jun-seok has a very good basketball sense,” before the start of the college basketball league. In his second collegiate debut, Won put in a perfect performance in a crucial game with a playoff spot at stake.

Coach Kim Sang-jun said after the win over Kyung Hee University, “He made some mistakes, but he played so well. I’ve been preparing all winter. After the season started, I took some time off (to play his debut), but after the U-19 (Basketball World Cup roster) was announced, I kept him in practice.” “I asked him to play offence and defence. He was picking up (points) under the basket, rebounding well, but unexpectedly, because it was his debut game, he was really good on the defensive end, but he missed all the defences. It’s not easy for him to show what he can do because he came to a different university. I see potential. In the third quarter, apart from Lee, Noh Wan-ju and Jun-seok played,” he said, praising Won Jun-seok.

He added, “They could have played from the last game, but in that game, I deliberately played only the players who hadn’t been playing. I saved them for the game against Kyung Hee University. Jun-seok was a secret weapon,” he laughed.

If Won Jun-seok can play even better defence than he did against Kyung Hee University, Sungkyunkwan University has a good chance of making the playoffs.

Won Jun-seok was named in the starting lineup for the game against Dankook University on 31 May. This was possible due to Sungkyunkwan University’s start date being about a week earlier than other universities and his three-month suspension from the start of the new term.

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