Sunghoon Woo vs. Huyong, One Championship Korea-China slugger clash

Strikers representing Korea and China face off in Asia’s largest organization, ONE Championship, mixed martial arts flyweight division.

‘ONE Fight Night 11’ will be held on June 10 at Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand (capacity: 5,000). Woo Seong-hun (31) will compete with Hu Yong (27, China) in a flyweight match in mixed martial arts.

ONE Fight Night 11 is a one championship competition that matches the schedule of the main card so that it can be watched live on the global OTT service ‘Amazon Prime Video’ from 8:00 pm on June 9 in New York, USA. In Korea, it will be broadcast as ‘Coupang Play’.

Huyung and Woo Sung-hoon have one thing in common: they competed against Yuya Wakamatsu (28, Japan), who had experience in the One Championship flyweight title fight, and Yokkai Kaewu (32), Muay Thai champion of Thailand’s ‘Max Pattaya’. Against the two, Woo Seong-hoon won 2 wins and Hu-yong won 1 win and 1 loss.

In the 2022 year-end settlement content on the One Championship official website, it is thanks to the victory over Yokkai Kaew and Wakamatsu that Woo Seong-hoon shined with two gold medals in’Mixed Martial Arts Shortest Time KO’ and’Maximum Incident TOP5’. He received a total of 100,000 dollars (approximately 130 million won) from the bonus for winning two games.

Woo Seong-hoon’s punch down Yokkai Kaewu in 18 seconds was recognized as the shortest KO in the 2022 One Championship mixed martial arts. Defeating Wakamatsu, third in the official flyweight rankings, by ground and pound in less than three minutes was introduced as the first of the five biggest upsets in the 2022 One Championship.

The match against Yot Khai Kaew was his One Championship debut. Chatri Sit Yottong (52, Thailand) One Championship President was impressed with his hot victory and presented Woo with the nickname ‘Dynamic’.메이저놀이터

The top 5 biggest upsets in the 2022 One Championship included two Muay Thai matches. This means that Woo Seong-hoon won the greatest victory among the three major incidents in mixed martial arts at the One Championship last year.

Huyong defeated Yokkai Kaewu 3-0 in March 2021, but lost to Wakamatsu by unanimous decision in December. In December 2022, he escaped the crisis of a losing streak by defeating former One Championship flyweight champion Geze Eustachio (34, Philippines) with an overhand right KO in the first round.

Woo Seong-hun boasts an 80% (8/10) KO win rate, while Hu Yung boasts a 60% (6/10) KO win rate, which is his greatest strength as a mixed martial artist. It seems that he suffered one KO defeat. Whose batting is better is likely to determine the outcome.

One Championship has held 238 events in 24 countries since 2011. In addition to mixed martial arts, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and submission grappling champion systems are also operated.

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