Suh Bong-soo foul loss… Results of the LG Cup Qualifying Tournament

The 28th LG Cup Chosun Ilbo King’s Domestic Qualifiers kicked off on the 18th at the Korea Kiwon Competition Hall and played in the round of 32 in each group on the 19th. In the preliminary round that continues until the 25th, 7 people will be selected to go on the stage of the finals. 메이저놀이터

A total of 235 people, an increase of two from the previous period, posted their votes. There are also 8 players who obtained the right to participate through amateur selection. The average competition rate for 7 tickets is over 33 to 1.

In the preliminary round, which is divided into 7 groups regardless of gender, you need to win 5 or 6 consecutive wins to win the final ticket. During the match draw, the top 14 players in the rankings were distributed, with two players per group.

In the final stage, which competes for the championship in the round of 24 tournament, 12 players (7 Korea, 4 China, 1 Japan) who have passed each country selection round, 9 national seeds (4 Korea, 2 China, 2 Japan, Taiwan) 1), 2 tournament seeds, and 1 wild card.

The four national seeds from Korea, who are going directly to the finals, are Shin Jin-seo 9p (World title holder), Park Jung-hwan 9p (March’s highest ranker excluding Shin Jin-seo), and Byun Sang-ilㆍAhn Guk-hyeon 9p (highest in the national league).

China’s national seed was awarded to Li Xuanhao 9th Dan and Miyu Ting 9th Dan, who had the highest scores among the national team members. Here, Ding Hao 9P and Yang Dingxin 9P, who held the first half final, will automatically participate as the tournament seeds.

As a result of Taiwan’s self-selection for the first seed, 21-year-old Lai Jun-fu 8th dan defeated Xu Jing-en 5th dan, Chen Chirui 8th dan, and Xu Haohong 9th dan in order to earn the right to participate. Japan’s national seed is undecided.

Previously, 28 members of the Chinese national team participated in the qualifying round, and as a result, Gu Zihao 9p, Li Weiqing 9p, and Wang Xinghao 7p won the ticket to the finals. In the remaining one, the winner of Ke Jie-Dang Yi Fei will play the final against Tuo Zi Xi. In Japan, 4 people competed for one ticket, and as a result Wijeongchi 8th Dan defeated Kotaro Seki 9th Dan and Atsushi Ida 9th Dan.

The finals will be held on the evening of May 28, with all foreign players participating, followed by the round of 24 on the 29th and the round of 16 on the 31st. The face-to-face finals are the first in four years. The venue is Konjiam Resort in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do. The schedule after the quarterfinals is undecided.The prize money for the 28th LG Cup is 300 million won for the winner and 100 million won for the runner-up. So far, the number of championships by country is equal to 12 for Korea and China, with Japan winning twice and Taiwan once. The time limit is 1 hour for domestic flights and 3 hours for main flights. The countdown is 40 seconds 5 times.

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