Sub King’ Ikbari plays an active role Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance beats Woori Card and wins 2 in a row

It is the lowest (7th), but it sprinkled red pepper powder properly in the mid-level ranking competition. Men’s professional volleyball Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance happily decorated the first game of the 5th round of the team belonging to the Dodram V-League in the 2022-23 season with a pleasant victory.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance won the set score 3-0 (25-19 25-20 25-20) in an away game against Woori Card held at Jangchung Gymnasium on the 3rd. With the victory on the day, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was excited with two consecutive victories, and it became 7 wins and 18 losses (22 points). On the other hand, Woori Card kept 3rd place, but suffered 3 consecutive losses and became 14-12 (39 points). 카지노

For Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Iqbairi (Libya), who won the All-Star Game Serving Contest, did his part. He scored 22 points and became the main player in Samsung Fire’s victory. Kim Jeong-ho also scored 11 points, and Shin Shin-ho and Ha Hyun-yong also contributed 13 points.

Ikbairi also achieved the Triple Crown (No. 19 this season, No. 250 in the men’s total in the V-League, and No. 3 for individuals) on this day. In the Woori Card, Na Gyeong-bok and Kim Ji-han scored 12 and 11 points, respectively, but the “main gun” Agamez (Colombia) was sluggish. I couldn’t break the losing streak. Agamez had only 31.2% of 8-point attack success that day.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance won the first set. The beginning of the set was tight as they exchanged points with each other, but the score spread in the middle of the set.

Woori Card’s Kim Ji-han’s attacks went off the line in succession, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance took advantage of the gap to widen the score to 14-9. Samsung Fire & Marine caught the trend. In addition to Ikbairi, Kim Jung-ho’s attack was also used to accumulate points.

On the other hand, Woori Card was unable to penetrate the attack path well as Agamez only had a 5-point attack success rate of 37.5% in the set. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance continued its momentum.

Even in the second set, Ikbarii’s attack power was still the same. Na Kyung-bok showed strength in Woori Card, but Agamez was sluggish in this set with a 1-point attack success rate of 14%. For Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, besides Ikbairi, veteran middle blocker Ha Hyun-yong scored 4 points including 2 blocks in the set.

In the latter part of the set, Shin Shin-ho’s attempt at the Cook Open was successful, and Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance ran away 23-17, consolidating their victory in the set. Woori Card changed its lineup by entering 3 sets. In place of Agamez, who had been sluggish in the previous two sets, Kim Ji-han was sent out as an apogee, and Song Hee-chae, who came out as a replacement for 1 or 2 sets, was assigned a starting outside heater.

There was an effect. Unlike the 1st and 2nd sets, Woori Card took the lead at the beginning of the set. Samsung Fire & Marine also counterattacked, and tied Ha Hyun-yong’s fast attack, Shin Shin-ho’s serve score, and the opponent’s mistake to tie the score to 15-12.

Our card also counterbalanced and balanced at 16-16. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance ran away again, 22-17, thanks to Ikbairi’s blocking and Kim Jung-ho’s quick open. Woori Card followed with 19-22 thanks to Agamez’s serve. However, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance did not allow the opponent to pursue and finished the game with a shutout victory.

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