‘Steel Troop’ Kim Sang-wook, who dreams of entering the UFC, why he shaved his eyebrows

“It was a waste of time to be tired and upset. So I shaved my eyebrows to focus only on exercise.”

Mixed martial artist Kim Sang-wook (30) is a fighter from the special forces UDT. In the military entertainment program ‘Steel Troops’, he showed off his strong stamina and mental strength as well as his bouncy entertainment sense and received a lot of love from viewers. Recently, he has attracted attention with his fighting spirit in various programs such as ‘The King of Ssireum’ and ‘Physical: 100’.

As a player, his stock price is also skyrocketing. Last year, he became the welterweight champion of the Angels Fighting Championship (AFC), a domestic mixed martial arts event. Total 8 wins, 2 losses. He won 5 victories by knocking out his opponents or getting them to surrender with techniques such as crushing and strangulation. Last November, he signed a contract with a management company that includes broadcaster Kim Seong-joo and entered into the path of a ‘spottainer’ in earnest.

Kim Sang-wook, who seemed to be working out well without regret, recently took on a new challenge. It is the world’s best mixed martial arts organization UFC that he dreamed of since he was young. Kim Sang-wook will participate in Season 2 of ‘Road to UFC’ held in Shanghai, China on the 27th and 28th of this month.

Road to UFC is a tournament designed to give top Asian mixed martial arts fighters a chance to sign with the UFC. Eight fighters from each of the four weight classes, flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight and lightweight, will participate. If you compete in a tournament style and win the final championship, you will sign an official contract and become a UFC fighter in earnest.

Kim Sang-wook will participate in a lightweight tournament for athletes weighing less than 70 kg. The first opponent in the quarterfinals was Japan’s Kazuma Maruyama. The match will be held on the 28th, the second of two days of the competition.

It is not an easy challenge for Kim Sang-wook. The biggest stumbling block is the schedule. Sang-wook Kim faced Shoma Yamada (Japan) at the AFC tournament last April and won by decision. After that game, less than two months later, the game will be played again. He has to lose weight and train without having time to recover properly.

However, Kim Sang-wook gladly accepted it. “I thought that if it wasn’t now, he might have a hard time challenging again,” he confessed. The support and expectations of the people around them can sometimes become a burden, and there are also concerns that they will tarnish the honor of UDT, which is as precious as life.

So Kim Sang-wook came down to Busan. It is to focus only on training without worrying about anything else. His close colleagues also came to Busan to help him. At this moment, he is pouring his all into it.

Kim Sang-wook said, “Somehow, he came to appear on TV and thankfully, I feel that he is receiving a lot of love.” But I dare not say that it is a hindrance.”

He continued, “There are many people on this floor who work out much harder than I do. Compared to that, I think I am a blessed and lucky person.” I am always working out with a grateful heart.”

Kim Sang-wook also revealed a recent episode. He said, “I cried in the gym one day because I couldn’t exercise,” he said.

After thinking about it, I shaved my eyebrows. It reminded me of the story of Choi Young-eui, the ‘fighter of the wind’ whom I most admire, who, while training in her mountains, raised her eyebrows one by one to resist the temptation to quit.먹튀검증

Kim Sang-wook said, “I thought it was a waste of time for me to grumble and be heartbroken like this. I blamed myself for not being conscious,” he said. “So I just shaved my eyebrows to focus on exercising more. I really wanted to hold on to that much,” he said.

Kim Sang-wook’s favorite superhero is ‘Deadpool’. I liked Deadpool’s ability to heal quickly even when his body is torn and wounded. Even if it collapses for a while, I want to resemble a positive figure that rises again

. I am preparing by pouring all the effort I can,” he promised.

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