‘Spending that much money and recruiting again?’ Chelsea is already preparing for January, target is striker for ‘illegal gambling’

No, they recruit like that and then become greedy again?

Chelsea is already preparing for the January transfer window. There seems to be no end to the greed of recruiting players.

Chelsea has been spending an astronomical amount of money to recruit players since owner Todd Boely took power last year. It is difficult to list the names of the newly recruited star players one by one. This summer, they spent a shocking 115 million pounds on 21-year-old midfielder Moises Caicedo, who is hardly a ‘top player’.안전놀이터

They also worked hard to reinforce the offensive line. Capable resources such as Nicholas Jackson and Christopher Nkunku were brought in. However, it is said that Chelsea still feel lacking in front-line positions. In fact, efforts were made to reinforce strikers at the end of the transfer market. As they were unable to connect with the right resources, they lightly(?) spent 42.5 million pounds to recruit Manchester City’s playmaker Cole Palmer on the last day of the transfer window.

Chelsea, who ended the summer transfer market without being able to bring in a striker, is said to be already making plans for January. Local media outlet ‘Evening Standard’ reported that Chelsea has targeted Ivan Toni from Brentford.

Tony has been suspended for eight months for illegal sports betting. The disciplinary action ends on January 16th next year. Regardless of whether he is gambling or not, his soccer skills are so good that many clubs are expected to target him in January. London rivals Arsenal and Tottenham are the strongest contenders for Tony.

Brentford have Tony under contract until 2025, putting them in a strong position at the negotiating table. It is reported that he wants a transfer fee of 80 million pounds.

Tony played 124 games wearing a Brentford uniform and scored a whopping 68 goals. He boasts an excellent sense of scoring.

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