SK Defensive King Oh Jae-hyun’s mysterious formula ‘If you put only 3 3 points, the team wins unconditionally’

Seoul SK guard Oh Jae-hyun (24, 1m87cm) was named as the 5th defensive player at the 2022-23 professional basketball regular league awards ceremony. It was the moment when the defensive power that tied up the opponent’s main scorer was officially certified. 

The reason Jaehyun Oh became SK’s ‘King of Defense’ was partly because the team composition was so flashy. Since there are many players who are good at attacking in the front line, such as Kim Seon-hyeong and Choi Jun-yong, Oh Jae-hyun, who is in his 3rd year as a pro, had to throw himself into dirty work in order to survive. 

Oh Jae-hyun, who played in all 54 regular league games this season, averaged only 0.9 3-point successes per game. However, his success rate is not low at 31.6%. 

Oh Jae-hyun created a mysterious ‘victory formula’ in relation to 3 points. This season, SK has a 100% win rate in games where he has made three or more 3-point shots. 

There were 6 games in which Oh Jae-hyun made 3 or more 3-point shots in the regular league, and he won all of them. And another one was added. In the first leg of the playoffs (3 wins from 5 games) against Jeonju KCC held on the 3rd, Oh Jae-hyun threw 4 3-point shots and put 3 in, and the team won 89-73.  카지노

Curiously, right before the game, SK coach Jeon Hee-chul emphasized several times, “Today, if Jae-hyun puts in 3 3s, he will win unconditionally”, and this has become a reality. Coach Jeon Hee-cheol smiled after the game and said, “I didn’t make a prophecy, but I said my wish, but Oh Jae-hyun did really well. I hope he continues to do this in the future,” he said. 

Oh Jae-hyun was SK’s highest scorer during the first half of the first half of the semifinal against KCC, when the team took the lead. On this day, he scored 17 points, far exceeding his regular league average (6.6 points), and scored 11 points in the first half. It was a surprise to the extent that even Kim Seon-hyeong answered “no” without hesitation to the question, “Did you expect Oh Jae-hyun’s offensive performance?” 

Not only Oh Jae-hyeon, but the entire team knows his formula for winning with 3 3-point shots. Oh Jae-hyun laughed, saying, “Sometimes, my brothers joke, ‘Let’s finish the game by putting in 3 points quickly in the beginning.’” 

He said that the modifier ‘specialized in defense’ did not interfere with the attack at all. Oh Jae-hyun said, “If I attack passively, the opponent will play 5-to-4 basketball instead of a 5-to-5 game. I want to do it without any burden,” he said. He continued, “I don’t have experience yet, so if I don’t shoot in a row, I feel like I made a big mistake. But the seniors tell me not to worry about it and toss it. It is still a process to overcome.” 

35-year-old veteran Kim Seon-hyung praised Oh Jae-hyun, saying, “In the original playoffs, a ‘crazy player’ must come out to win. In the first game, Oh Jae-hyun played that role,” he said. “As a point guard, I now have the belief that even if I pass to Oh Jae-hyun, he will shoot.” 

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