‘Sincere fan service’ Kim Ho-nam, special lecture for public officials in Bucheon

Kim Ho-nam (Bucheon FC 1995), who raises his voice in fan service, has turned into a daily lecturer.

Bucheon announced on the 16th that Kim Ho-nam gave a special lecture to public officials in Bucheon on the 15th. 메이저놀이터

Kim Ho-nam gave a lecture for Bucheon City officials at the 2023 Bucheon City Policy Presentation, ‘One Team Bucheon’ held at the Bucheon City Hall Eoul Madang. About 500 officials are said to have attended the event.

Kim Ho-nam’s theory of fan service is already well-known. He even wrote an article last year by analyzing the reasons why professional players should do fan service from the point of view of economic credits. He emphasized the meaning and importance of fans by providing generous fan service on and off the field. As a result, it has gathered so many topics that the modifiers such as ‘Fan Service Economics Introduction Professor’ and ‘Fan Service Artisan’ have emerged.

Kim Ho-nam gave a lecture to public officials in Bucheon under the theme of ‘We are professionals’ with such a professional mindset. He told the story of his survival in his 14-year professional life, emphasizing his attitude, direction, and persistence to succeed in his field.

Instructor Kim Ho-nam said, “It was a meaningful and heart-filling time to be able to breathe with public officials who work hard for the citizens of Bucheon every day.” He expressed his feelings.

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