Siheung City Hall, KBS Athletics Women’s 400mR Golden Run

Siheung City Hall ran to the top in the women’s 400m relay at the 51st KBS Cup National Athletics Championships.

Siheung City Hall, led by coach Jeon Bok-soo, recorded 46:70 in the women’s general 400m relay final on the 3rd day of the competition held at Yecheon Public Stadium in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 7th. She finished first ahead of Jeongseon County Office (48 seconds and 29 seconds).메이저놀이터

In addition, in the men’s college/university 400m finals, Kim Eui-yeon (Pocheon City Hall) recorded 47.15 seconds, beating Choi Man-man (Busan Bank, 47.59) and Joo Seung-gyun (Korea National University of Physical Education, 47.62) to win the championship. Following the competition, they ran a golden run in two consecutive competitions.

In the women’s general 3,000m obstacle race, Nam Bo-hana (Paju City Hall) won the championship with a time of 10:36:23, ahead of Son Yuna (Bucheon City Hall, 10:50:72) and Choi Soo-ah (Gyeonggi Provincial Office, 10:58:85). , Park Seo-hae (competition weight) jumped 2m40 to win the gold medal in the women’s midfield pole vault.

In the women’s high school 200m final, Lee Su-yeong (Incheon Physical High School) beat Jeon Seo-young (Daegu Gyeongmyeong Girls’ High School, 25.45 seconds) and Lee Da-won (Jeonnam Physical Education High School, 25.46 seconds) to take the top spot. With this record of 51 seconds 81, he won the title by defeating Jung Kwang-min (match weight, 52 seconds 28).

On the other hand, Anyang City Hall in the men’s 400m relay relay and Bae Han-na (Yongin City Hall) in the women’s general category pole vault finished runner-up with 40.29 seconds and 3m60, respectively. Women’s javelin throw Park Ah-yeong (Seongnam City Hall) and women’s high school 400m hurdles Lee Min-young (Siheung Sorae High School) each He won the silver medal with 51m80, 1:05:04.

In addition, in the men’s high school 800m final, Han Tae-geon (Gyeonggi Physical High School) finished second with a time of 1:55:96, following Kim Seok-hyun (Daegu Physical High School, 1:55:37), and female middle school high jump Dew Seul (Incheon Buwon Girls’ Middle School, 1m45) and Kim Min-woo (Incheon Physical High School, 21.89 seconds) in the 200m South High School also finished runner-up.

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