Short Track Park Ji-Won Passes the First World Championship Gate… 1,500 m semi-finals

 Reporter Kim Gyeong-yoon = Park Ji-won (Seoul City Hall), the signboard of the Korean men’s short track speed skating team, easily jumped over the first hurdle at the International Skating Union (ISU) World Championships held in Korea after 7 years.

Park Ji-won advanced to the semifinals with a record of 2:17:007 in the 3rd group of the men’s 1,500m preliminary round at the 2023 KB Financial ISU World Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships held at Mokdong Ice Rink in Seoul on the 10th. 온라인바카라

Park Ji-won started his race with the unilateral support of domestic fans.

He passed the second-place group by a distance in the middle of the race and crossed the finish line leisurely.

Lee Jun-seo (Seongnam City Hall), who competed in the same event, took first place in Group 4 and Hong Kyung-hwan (Goyang City Hall) took first place in Group 7, advancing to the semi-final stage lightly.

Lin Xiaojun (Korean name Lim Hyo-jun), a naturalized Chinese citizen, did not compete in the 1,500m event. He will compete against Korean athletes in the men’s 500m and men’s 1,000m events.

The World Championship is the second most prestigious international event after the Winter Olympics, and it is the first time in seven years since the 2016 Seoul Games that it has been held in Korea.

The event will be held at the Mokdong Ice Rink from the 10th to the 12th, and the medal race will begin on the 11th.

On this day, the Mokdong ice rink attracted attention by flocking to the ice rink several hours before the start of the game to purchase tickets.

According to the Korea Skating Federation, about 2,500 tickets sold online were sold out in one minute after ticket reservations started on the 27th of last month.

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