“Seongnam is more than a family team”…’Player to Singer’ Jeon Jong-hyeok, Seongnam FC Home Opening Ceremony

Jeon Jong-hyeok, who reached his second heyday as a singer at the end of his soccer career, expressed his feelings about finding his former team, Seongnam FC.

Jeon Jong-hyuk said, “I’m very excited at the thought of stepping on the ground again. Seongnam is more than just my home team. I’m really happy to start my second life with Seongnam FC.” I want to meet

Seongnam on March 1 (Wed) at 4:00 pm at Seongnam Tancheon Sports Complex in the first round of ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ (R) Ansan Greeners in the home opening game of Jeon Jong-hyuk. hold a retirement ceremony

An autograph session for Jeon Jong-hyuk will be held at the preface square before the game, and a special retirement ceremony will be held at halftime. Club supporters and Jeon Jong-hyuk’s fans deliver bouquets, and Jeon Jong-hyuk’s performance video is screened on the electronic display board. Then, Jong-Hyuk Jeon delivers a gift of song along with a thank you to the fans.메이저사이트

Seongnam has a special meaning to Jeon Jong-hyuk. It is because he is a Seongnam person to the core, starting with the Seongnam FC U15-U18 youth team and making his professional debut in Seongnam.

Based on good fan service as well as sincere attitude, Jeon Jong-hyeok, who showed Seongnam’s fighting spirit and strong spirit in every game, led the team to the quarterfinals with two super saves in the 2020 FA Cup round of 16 away match penalty shootout against Daegu FC. He led and imprinted his name on the fans.

Afterwards, he was leased to Bucheon FC 1995, traded in the winter of 2021, moved to Busan I-Park, and announced his retirement in 2022 due to injury.

Jeon Jong-hyuk is determined to repay fans for the love he received as a player. Seongnam FC’s home opening game, which includes a special retirement ceremony and halftime performance of ‘The Returned Magpie’ Jeon Jong-hyuk, can be booked through the club’s official website and Interpark tickets on February 24 (Fri).

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