‘Senior’ Mo Jae-hyeon, “(Cho) Kyu-seong is a younger brother who is like an older brother… he has grown too big”

On the 15th, the Korea Professional Football Federation held the 7th media camp for the 2023 K-League winter field training at the Miryang Arina Hotel in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do. Gyeongnam FC participated, and a self-interview with the players was arranged.토토사이트

Mo Jae-hyun went through Suwon FC and FC Anyang to wear the Gyeongnam uniform last year. And he played 35 games and scored 6 goals and 6 assists, becoming an axis of the offense. He had a splendid season while shooting his own career high. However, regrets coexisted as the team’s promotion was frustrated.

We want to become the ace of Gyeongnam this season as well. In the 2023 season, Mo Jae-hyun plans to wear the number 10 shirt and hit the ground. At the same time as setting ’10 -10′ as his personal goal, he also expressed his desire for the best 11.

Mo Jae-hyun has a relationship with Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk Hyundai). Mo Jae-hyeon was my senior at Gwangju University, and I entered the pro before Cho Kyu-seong. The two continued to keep in touch after that, and even ate a pot of rice at FC Anyang.

Today’s Cho Kyu-seong has become a ‘big star’. In particular, his big success at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar was decisive. Towards Kyu-sung Cho, Jae-hyeon Mo said, “Now I’m a younger brother like an older brother. Now that Kyu-seong has grown so much, I’m cautious about contacting him.”

Q. Winter training

“I took a break for about 2 weeks because my hip joint became inflamed. I just returned. I think it’s important to lift my body up to the opening game.”

Q. Last season’s career high, the team failed to promote.

“Personally, there are some good things about reaching a career high, but I think we could have added more. I was confident that I would have been able to do well if I had played more games. It was regrettable that I could not do anything because I was injured.”

Q. Uniform number 10

“Everyone knows that number 10 is an ace or a big number in soccer. I did it because I thought I should try that number at least once while playing soccer. I felt that if I felt it myself and put pressure on myself, I could develop further.”

Q. Attacking breath

“I think it’s okay. Kijong transferred completely, and seeing Castro training was good. Castro worked together last year, so breathing is no problem at all. Glaysong also has a good mentality and was willing to do it. I think it will work if I do what I do without any major problems. Then our team will also achieve good results.”

Q. Point of attack

“I think we need to do more than last year. To set the number accurately, it would be ’10-10′. I think we can do it enough. I think we just need to pay attention in the closing scene.”

“The top 11 is naturally greedy. You can rise to a higher position if you receive an award.”

Q. Thirst for the K-League 1 stage

“It is natural as a player to want to play on the big stage. I have to go to the army… I hope Gyeongnam will be ranked first and Gimcheon will be promoted to the playoffs.”

Q. Junior Cho Kyu-sung’s performance in the World Cup

“I always got a lot of energy and motivation while watching Kyu-seong. Also, I had a lot of thoughts, ‘I can do it too.’ It motivated me. I also thought, ‘I have to dream like that. I have to go out on a stage like that and run’ and my greed grew. Now, I’m a younger brother like an older brother.”

(Cho Kyu-seong’s second game multi-goal) “I got goosebumps. I kept covering my mouth with my hand when I saw Kyu-seong score a goal while watching. I told Kyu-seong before that, ‘You have to play.’ I really like it, and I have the ability to score. I myself said, ‘I am confident’ and ‘I want to play.’ In the end, I was proud because I showed it after running. I had various feelings, ‘I want to become a national representative like that’. .”

(Regular contact) “I usually do it intermittently. Now that Kyu-seong has grown, I’ve become more cautious.

“Of course, the first step is the promotion of the team. After getting good results, I go to the army. I think there will be a next step after the military problem is solved, but because of that, it is in an ambiguous and complicated state. I have to keep putting it in this year.”

Q. Gyeongnam fans

“You’re doing well in winter training. I’ve been in the K-League 2 for too long. I think it’s time for Gyeongnam to promote. As much as you believed in and waited for us, we will make sure to promote this year so that we can really respond to your support and encouragement.”

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