Screen League founded by Woods and McIlroy, Morikawa and Scott also joined

In an interview with Sports Illustrated (SI) published on the 25th (Korean time), Morikawa and Scott announced that they had decided to join TGL, a screen golf league to be launched in January next year. 슬롯사이트

TGL is a new golf league created by TMRW Sports, a venture jointly established by Woods and McIlroy in August of last year. Six teams of three PGA tour players will compete in screen golf. We plan to hold 15 competitions every Monday. It is a two-hour game on an 18-hole virtual course.

It is expected to become a new profitable golf league by combining cutting-edge IT technology with a structure in which games are played on Mondays when PGA Tour tournaments are not held and a large amount of prize money is shared. Woods and McIlroy are leading the way in defending the PGA Tour against LIV Golf. With the joining of Morikawa and Scott, TGL has secured four major championships following Justin Thomas (USA) and Jon Rahm (Spain).

Scott has won 14 PGA Tour events, including the 2013 Masters, and has risen to No. 1 in the world rankings. Morikawa won five times on the PGA Tour and won two major tournaments, including the PGA Championship and the Open.

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