‘Resignation Idol’ Kim Min-seok ‘I’ll get it right somehow’

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Professional baseball Lotte’s momentum is not weakening.

Even mid-May, it is running in second place, and at the center of it is a remarkable new player.

Reporter Lee Myung-no met Kim Min-seok, who has both skill and popularity.

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When he decided to aim, he tried a leg kick and it hit.

When the timing is late, it hits without leg movement.

Kim Min-seok’s blows are literally ever-changing.

“Is this kind of hitting… ‘Can a 19-year-old rookie player do it?’”

Praise never ceases for his improvisation, which is hard to believe for a hitter who just graduated from high school.

“He’s Kim Min-seok, who has a good sense of hitting. (On his body side of the ball) That’s why it came out well by narrowing the angle.”토스카지노

[Kim Min-seok/Lotte]
“(Since high school) I’ve been swinging not only one course, but also the ball, and I’ve been swinging the ball a lot in different directions. (Depending on the opponent’s pitch) If you want to lift your legs a little late, take a shot with ‘No Step’ and hit it. “

The mindset that is not like a rookie stands out.

Even in April, he used to shrink because of the 10% batting average displayed on the electronic board.

His batting average in May is approaching 30% as he quickly learns to focus on his hitting.

[Kim Min-seok/Lotte]
“When I’m in the first team, I don’t think of myself as a rookie, I try to think of myself as a first-team player… I think my batting average will go up anyway, and I’m thinking of getting on base a lot.”

Kim Min-seok, who has been called the ‘second Lee Jung-hoo’ for his animalistic blows since high school.

He also resembled his high school senior, Lee Jung-hoo, in adapting and transforming into an outfielder after becoming a pro.

[Kim Min-seok/Lotte]
“Ever since I was little, even when I was in the infield, I liked catching fly balls a lot more than ground balls. Now that I’ve gotten used to it a little… (Ahn) senior Kwon Soo-nim (help me find a position) as my one-on-one macro.

” Min-seok Kim is loved by Lotte fans enough to be called an ‘idol’.

He set realistic goals rather than fanciful dreams.

[Kim Min-seok/Lotte]
“I want to hit more than 100 hits. (Goal) I set a big goal. (Fans) take care of a lot of things like presents, so I’m really grateful, and I’ll work hard to show you how to do well at the baseball field.”

This is MBC News Lee Myung-no.

Video coverage: Na Kyung-woon / Video editing: Kwon Tae-il / Video source: Ahn Kwon-soo YouTube

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