‘Release 6 until the end of the transfer market’ Tottenham, Ndombele – Reguilon – Spence – Tanganga – Lloris – Dyer Killer confirmed

The outline of the players to be sorted out ahead of the end of the transfer market this summer is being revealed.

Tottenham won 2-0 in the 3rd round of the 2023-24 season Premier League against Bournemouth held on the 26th (Korean time). Tottenham, where Postecoglu took over ahead of this season, is in third place in the league with 2 wins and 1 draw (7 points) at the beginning of this season. Tottenham, who is recording an undefeated streak at the beginning of the season, will play the 2023-24 season Carabao Cup against Fulham at 3:45 am on the 30th.

On the 28th, the British Independent predicted Tottenham’s match against Fulham and mentioned the players Tottenham will release through the transfer market this summer.안전놀이터

The media said, ‘Midfielder Lo Celso is about to start against Fulham, but Ndombele is likely to leave the team. Lo Celso and Ndombele are both midfielders signed by Tottenham in 2019, but have been on loan for most of the four years. Lo Celso appeared in Tottenham’s first match in 18 months after coming on as a substitute against Bournemouth, but Ndombele was absent.’ It is one person. Ndombele has indicated that he can leave the club ahead of the summer transfer window deadline.

In particular, ‘Lloris, Spence, Dyer, Tanganga, Reguilon, and Ndombele are Tottenham players who have not been able to play this season. Tottenham have 31 players over the age of 21 and six are on loan or outright transfers. Tottenham must submit 25 entries to the Premier League Secretariat on the 13th of next month,’ he said.

Tottenham boss Postecoglu said: “We have five or six more players than we have in the Premier League entry level. I think this week will solve the problem. The players are doing well. Skip, Hojbjerg and Lo Celso are doing well. The midfield is very competitive,” he said, indicating that Ndombele will not get a chance.

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