‘Recruit a player like Son Heung-min’ → ‘Pochettino appointment potential’ Chelsea’s plan

With Pochettino being mentioned as one of the potential candidates for Chelsea’s next manager, Chelsea’s possibility of reinforcing players is attracting attention.

The British Daily Star said on the 2nd (Korean time), ‘Chelsea plans to recruit the transfer expert who discovered Son Heung-min and Mane when Pochettino is appointed. Chelsea have signed Sterling, Moudrik and Enzo Fernandez this season, but are struggling.” Mitchell maintains a close relationship with manager Pochettino. Pochettino is said to be one of Chelsea’s potential candidates for the next manager.토스카지노

Mitchell, who was noticed by the British media, is currently serving as AS Monaco’s director. Mitchell is expected to leave AS Monaco at the end of his season.

Mitchell had the experience of recruiting Son Heung-min, who was from Leverkusen (Germany) at the time, as director of Tottenham in 2015, when Pochettino was the manager. Mitchell, who was actively involved in signing Son Heung-min, said, “In my first year at Tottenham, I received a lot of criticism for some decisions, and Son Heung-min was at the center.” “Sometimes players need time to adapt. When watching the Tottenham squad training I remember one of the Tottenham officials coming to me and saying, ‘You’re wrong.’ What we’ve seen over the years since is that you need to be patient. He’s a great player who will go down in Premier League history.” Although he was criticized, he also showed that his choice was not wrong.

Chelsea invested 600 million pounds (approximately 927.1 billion won) in player acquisitions this season, including signing Enzo Fernandez for the highest transfer fee in Premier League history, but it is repeating sluggishness. Chelsea have sacked coaches Tuchel and Porter in succession this season, and interim coach Lampard is leading the team. Chelsea have not been able to escape the sluggishness of all 6 matches since the appointment of Lampard as interim manager.

Chelsea, in particular, showed poor attacking power by only scoring 31 goals in 34 Premier League matches this season. Chelsea have not been able to resolve the lack of scoring ability with only two goals in the last six games, along with four scoreless matches.

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