Real end talks to sign all-weather striker after saying ‘82.5 billion+α, too expensive’

Real announce end of negotiations for Harbertz.

Real Madrid have decided to pull out of negotiations to sign Chelsea striker Kai Havertz.

Real are in desperate need of reinforcements in attack. The veteran and iconic Karim Benzema has abruptly left for Saudi Arabia. With Benzema showing signs of aging, the need to sign a striker was already urgent, but now that he’s gone, it’s even more so.

Tottenham want Harry Kane, but he’s too expensive, so the next best option was Haberz. He’s not a typical striker like Benzema, but Carlo Ancelotti liked him early on because of his ability to play in multiple attacking positions.

Real and Chelsea entered negotiations. But it fell through. According to Fabrizio Romano, a journalist specializing in European soccer, Real announced the end of negotiations with Chelsea.먹튀검증

Chelsea have been shaken by the end of the season, with several key players being linked with a move away from the club, and they’ve been strong on the players they want to keep. Haberth is one of them.

Chelsea informed Real that they would have to pay a base price of €60 million plus an additional option if they wanted to take him. However, Real were not willing to pay more than €50 million (approximately $687 million). The huge price difference ended the negotiations altogether. Arsenal were also keeping tabs on Haberth, but were reportedly in a similar position to Real regarding the size of the transfer fee.

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