Prim was stronger than Marey, Hyundai Mobis was stronger than LG

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis defeated Changwon LG 82-75 in the regular 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball league held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 24th. Achieved 3 consecutive wins for the 3rd time of the season. 3 out of 10 clubs to achieve 20 wins. The ranking is 3rd alone (20-14). LG (20-13), which is in second place, is half a game behind.

Hyundai Mobis had many concerns even before the opening of the 2022-2023 season. Foreign players, who accounted for more than half of the team’s strength, were also a factor of concern.

In particular, there were many eyes that were worried about Gage Prim. This is because the shortcomings such as poor athletic ability, lack of variety of attack options, and lack of defensive coercion were obvious. In addition, his hot-blooded personality was also a factor that could become a ticking time bomb.

However, after the opening of the regular season, Prim showed only his strengths. This was the case with scoring under the goal based on strength and continuous switching between offense and defense. In particular, Prim’s strength was the best weapon to attack foreign players from the remaining 9 clubs.

Prim showed his ability as a 2-option foreign player at the beginning of the season, and after Justin Knox (204cm, F) was injured, he settled down as the team’s 1-option foreign player. Before meeting LG, he is recording 18.2 points, 11.1 rebounds (attack 4.0), 2.2 assists and 1.5 steals for an average of 27 minutes and 2 seconds in 33 games.

Prim, who was included in the starting lineup against LG, had a fight for pride with Asem Marey. The fight continued in the paint zone. In the first quarter alone, 9 points (2 points: 3/5, free throws: 3/4), 3 rebounds and 1 assist. It gave a lot of strength to Hyundai Mobis’ first quarter advantage (25-24).

Prim only played 4 minutes and 10 seconds in the second quarter. However, Hyundai Mobis was not shaken. Rather, it widened the gap with LG. The first half ended 49-40. Prim was able to rest in peace.

He came back onto the court in the third quarter. He participated in a modified regional defense with domestic players. But when Marey got the ball, Prim couldn’t handle Maray. I was pushed back by Marey’s skillful physical fighting. 온라인카지노

However, Prim did not stop fighting. Bertie’s defense induced Marey’s turnover. After inducing a turnover, I ran to the LG camp. As a trailer, it induced an imbalance in the LG defense. Even in the set offense, Marey was exhausted with constant struggle. In particular, 4 points in a row from 1 minute before the end of the 3rd quarter made LG more exhausted. Hyundai Mobis made a 14-point advantage (69-55).

Prim moved again 6 minutes and 44 seconds before the end of the game. Substitute Prim drove Kim Jun-il (200cm, C) to 5 fouls in 23 seconds. It was an element that could minimize the power of the LG second unit.

When Hyundai Mobis was being chased, Prim stepped forward. 2 minutes and 57 seconds before the end of the game, he got a foul free throw, and 1 minute and 36 seconds before the end of the game, he scored a wedge (77-69) with a breakthrough score.

In 32 minutes and 14 seconds, he recorded 24 points, 10 rebounds (attack 2), 2 assists and 1 steal. In 22 minutes and 38 seconds, he scored 13 points, 3 rebounds (attack 1) and 2 rebounds, and won by decision over Marey. 1 Option Foreign player Prim held the center, so Hyundai Mobis was able to win. Hyundai Mobis’ victory was significant because it was a win after the All-Star break.

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