‘Preparing for the physical education college entrance exam because of basketball’ Girls’ high school MVP Seo-yeon Koo

 The title of high school girl’s champion belonged to Kaiser.

On the 23rd, Kaiser ascended to the throne with three victories in the high school girls’ high school game at the ‘Natural Healing City Jecheon 2023 National Basketball Festival’ held at Honggwangcho Gymnasium. Unlike other types of high school girls, where only four teams participated, the game was played in a way that four teams competed in a full league to determine the rankings.메이저놀이터

Kaiser, who announced a fresh start by winning his first opponent Starfish (29-14), defeated the Power Rangers 40-8 in the second match. And even the last opponent, No Comment, defeated 25-17, resulting in an undefeated championship.

The main contributor to Kaiser’s victory was, of course, Koo Seo-yeon (scheduled to enter Hanseo High School). Leading the team to victory with steady performance, he said, “I first started playing basketball when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school. My brother enjoyed basketball as a hobby, and I followed him when I saw it. In the meantime, even in middle school, I was ordinary, but I continued to enjoy basketball.

” Explained.

For Koo Seo-yeon, basketball was happiness itself.

He said, “It was good to be able to create all the pleasure of shooting, teamwork with teammates, and good memories with teachers (through basketball).”

After he entered high school, basketball had a huge impact on his career path.

He said, “I have been consistently playing basketball for 3 to 4 hours as an after-school class in middle school. I came to like sports while playing basketball often, and after entering high school, my body had a great influence on my career decision.” Gu Seo-yeon’s words.

Koo Seo-yeon, who is leaving the high school stage after this competition, said that she would concentrate on preparing for the physical education college entrance exam as she became a senior in high school this year.

That is also the reason why he said, “I came out with the thought that this tournament was the last.”

As a student taking the exam, aiming to be ‘in Seoul’, he said, “I am happy to receive the MVP (at the last high school competition). The teacher who taught us was also the last, and I am happy that he gave us the championship. (Basketball) will continue, so I try to take comfort in that,” he said,
expressing his feelings about winning.

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