‘Prepare for tournaments in billions’ Road FC’s president’s confidence, “I can get ‘fight money’ without losing money”

Road FC Chairman Jung Moon-hong announced on the 10th that the sponsorship of the Wonju MMA Sports Festival was over through his personal YouTube channel ‘Gao-hyung Life’.

Road FC and WFSO (World Martial Arts Association) will hold the Wonju MMA Sports Festival on June 24th and 25th at the Wonju Sports Complex. Goobne ROAD FC 064, a professional competition, will be held on the 24th, and the 6th World Mixed Martial Arts Festival, an amateur competition, will be held on the 25th.스포츠토토

Chairman Jeong Moon-hong said, “All sponsorships for the 2023 Wonju MMA Sports Festival have been completed.” As for online relay, Daum, Kakao, and Afreeca TV will be relayed. This year, the title sponsor has been confirmed as Goobne Chicken.”

In addition, Chairman Jeong Moon-hong said, “Juwon Group, Juwon Transportation, Gallery K, the No. 1 art rental and rental company in Korea, Random Box, and Gabzone are No. 1 in the industry. With these various sponsors completed, players can safely and comfortably compete in 2023.”

The global tournament opening ceremony will be held at Goobne ROAD FC 064. It is a global tournament with prize money in billions and will be held in the form of a quarter-final tournament. The matchup will be made up of 4 Korean players and 4 foreign players.

“All preparations have been completed so that all players can receive ‘fight money’ without taking money and receive prize money. Soon after, from next time, we will announce the details of the players who will participate in the global tournament.”

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