‘PO first round defeat’ KEPCO, Lim Seong-jin holds the key to Cheonan

Although he missed the first game, the growth of ‘Super Rookie’ Lim Seong-jin (24, KEPCO) stood out. In Game 2, he saw hope that he could turn the game around.

On the 22nd, the 2022-2023 Dodram V-League Men’s Division KEPCO and Woori Card’s semi-playoff single game held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul. Lim Seong-jin played a decisive role in the team’s victory in the game that day.

In the 1st to 3rd sets, Thais and Jae-deok Seo were mainly in charge of the offense, while Seong-jin Lim focused on defense such as receiving. In the 4th set, with a set score of 2 to 1, Seong-jin Lim started to spearhead the attack as the two players’ physical consumption increased. 먹튀검증

KEPCO ended the match in the 4th set thanks to Im Seong-jin’s performance. Lim Seong-jin scored 6 points, including scoring a difficult 2-stage connection attack, deciding the team’s victory.

After the game, KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min smiled and said, “I think (Lim) Seong-jin will grow a lot through today’s game.” He continued, “I will be more confident in the future. I believe that I will do well in the playoffs (PO).”

As coach Kwon wished, Lim Seong-jin continued his brilliant performance in the first round of PO against Hyundai Capital on the 24th. Contrary to expectations, he played the role of an ace instead of the sluggish main gun Thais.

Although Lim Seong-jin could not prevent the team from losing, he scored 22 points, the most in the team, with an attack success rate of 54.55%, leading to a close match in a full set. Director Kwon said, “I could have done more blocking, but the receiving was well tolerated and overall it was good.”

Tais complained of knee pain due to accumulated fatigue and struggled. With 17 points and an attack success rate of 37.50%, he failed to do his part. Director Kwon said, “(Tice) seems to have pain in his knee, which was originally bad. He had a hard time physically.”

Even in the second game of PO, there is a high possibility that Thais’ physical condition will not be perfect. As a result, attention is focused on Lim Seong-jin’s performance.

On the 26th, KEPCO will play the second round of PO against Hyundai Capital at the Suwon Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do. They gave up the first game in the best-of-three PO and are in danger of being eliminated, so they desperately need a victory today. Coach Kwon said, “It’s a difficult situation for everyone. Since we’re playing at home (PO 2nd game), I will gain strength from the crowd’s support,” and promised, “I’ll do my best to come down to Cheonan (where the 3rd game will be held).”

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