Pied Piper’, his post-retirement plan is ‘movie star’

Jesse Lingard has opened up about his retirement plans. Lingard, who plays for Nottingham Forest, has shown his own ‘talent’ since his Manchester United days. He showed off Lingard’s unique excitement in ceremonies and plays. The flute dance is representative. Sometimes there were times when it was too much, but such talent and excitement were also the driving force for Lingard to become a top player. 메이저사이트

After his retirement, he seems to have made a plan to show off his talent and excitement even more. Lingard recently appeared on Stephen Bartlett’s ‘The Diary of the CEO’ podcast, revealing his aspirations for acting. He said, “I want to do acting. Maybe I’ll start as a voice actor in anime or something. I need to take an acting class. I haven’t done it yet.” He continued, “I love movies. I’ve always loved movies. It would be amazing to be part of a movie or a series, but I think I’ll have to start with the comedy because I’m still lacking.” Lastly, he strongly expressed his will to become an actor, saying, “It will take me quite a while to take on roles in films like Interstellar or Inception. I’ll start with a minor role, but I want to retire in LA, where my company is located.”

Lingard has worn a much-anticipated Nottingham shirt, but he has yet to score in the league this season.

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