Pepper Savings Bank wins first ever E1 Charity Open team title

Pepper Savings Bank has won the Korean Professional Golf Club Ranking at the KLPGA Tour’s E1 Charity Open. It is the first win of the season and the first title in the Korean Professional Golf Club Ranking, which started to be compiled in the 2021 season.

The Pepper Savings Bank Golf Team (Kim Hee-ji, Park Seo-hyun, Hwang Jung-mi, and Yoo Soo-yeon) had all four players make the cut, including Kim Hee-ji, who has been an ace this season, tied for fourth place, and finished with 113.25 team ranking points, beating runner-up COSSBALL by 0.75 points.

Second place went to COSSBALL Golf Team (Lee Se-hee, Choi Ye-bon). With Choi Ye-bon tied for 11th and Lee Sae-hee tied for 16th, both players performed evenly, and COSSBALL Golf improved on their best result of the season with 112.50 points in the team rankings. COSSBALL Golf’s highest ranking this season was third place at the Crisp&C 45th KLPGA Championship, which concluded on 30 April.

Meanwhile, third place went to the ‘traditional powerhouse’ Korea Land Trust. The Korean Land Trust Golf Team (Park Ji-young, Park Hyun-kyung and Cho Ah-yeon), which has one win this season, accumulated 108.67 points in the tournament with Park Ji-young tying for fourth place. Korea Land Trust last topped the team standings at the Nexen St. Nine Masters 2023, which concluded on 23 April.스포츠토토

Three wins already, KB Financial Group gets stronger as it secures top seed in Bangsinsil

KB Financial Group, which has become the strongest team in women’s professional golf this season with three wins, is ranked fourth. The KB Financial Group Golf Team (Bang Shin-sil, Ahn Song-i and Lee Ye-won) had a strong showing with ‘rookie’ Bang Shin-sil claiming her maiden victory, but Ahn and Lee tied for 34th place and only accumulated 108.00 team ranking points.

Despite failing to add to their team ranking multiplier, the team’s achievement was significant. With the ‘youngest’ Bang Shin-sil securing her seeding as the KLPGA Tour event champion, she will be able to establish herself as the team’s one-two punch alongside Lee Ye-won, further strengthening KB Financial Group’s dominance. The unseeded Bang has only played in five KLPGA Tour events this season, but her three top-five finishes, including one victory, have seen her rise to sixth on the money list ($278.9 million).

In fifth place is Lotte. With Choi Hye-jin tied for seventh, the Lotte Golf Team (Lee So-young, Choi Hye-jin and Hwang Yoo-min) finished the tournament with 106.33 team points.

A total of 45 organisations fielded players in the 142-player event, with 29 sending two or more players. Meanwhile, 35 athletes competed as independents without a main sponsor.

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