Park Ji-hyun, who came back from a game break, dominated the 3rd quarter

Thanks to Park Ji-hyun’s performance, Woori Bank escaped its first losing streak of the season.

Asan Woori Bank met Cheongju KB in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 5th and won 69-59.

On this day, Park Ji-hyeon (183cm, G) showed sharp movements. He was active in the air defense from the first quarter. He took advantage of his height and actively participated in the rebound fight and scored 8 points from under the goal. He was quiet in scoring in the second quarter, but added four rebounds. 메이저사이트

And in the third quarter, Park Ji-hyun exploded. He recently reported his first point of the quarter with a muted 3-pointer. Afterwards, he added another 3-point shot to boost the team spirit. Afterwards, he was responsible for all of the team’s first 12 points, adding his own strengths, scoring under the goal, scoring quickly, and scoring mid-range.

Afterwards, as the opponent scored consecutively, he confidently attempted a mid-range jumper. He succeeded and cut off the opponent’s flow. Thanks to Park Ji-hyun’s performance, Woori Bank definitely took the mood in the 3rd quarter. Park Ji-hyun was responsible for all 14 of the 16 points the team posted in the 3rd quarter. Thanks to Park Ji-hyun’s performance, Woori Bank widened the score gap and won the game with the remaining time remaining.

Park Ji-hyun, whom we met after the game, said, “I thought that the performance was declining, both as a team and personally. The opposing team was missing (Park) Ji-soo, but he was aware that there was no team that could not easily win with the current performance. So we talked to each other. There were many things that went well in that area,” he began the interview.

He continued, “Apart from the field goal rate, I think my thoughts and attitude toward the game were different today. I think I did a good job focusing on the basic rebound. The other part is a bit disappointing. However, it seems to be a game where you have to keep taking the parts you did well in the basics.” As Ji-Hyun Park said, on this day, Ji-Hyun Park showed strength in rebounding. He grabbed 16 rebounds alone. This is a season high record.

Park Ji-hyun dominated the third quarter. He drove in 14 points alone. He raised all but two of the team’s 16 points with his own hand.

Referring to the situation at the time, “I may have been active in the third quarter because I had not been active in the meantime. (Laughs) But I just thought about how to play my game, and it was a game that came out because I worked hard. It just went better than usual, but I didn’t try to take the initiative.”

In the last Yongin Samsung Life Insurance match, Park Ji-hyun watched the game from outside the court, not inside the court. In response, Park Ji-hyun said, “It seems to be the first experience I had after coming to the pros. The way I think when I run is very different from the players I see outside. Looking at the unnies, I thought a lot about what would be lacking if I fell out and what to do to help the team. I thought it was defense and rebounding, and I did my best today,” he explained the situation at the time.

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