Opening match against Wolverhampton on August 15, Manchester United ‘Best 11’ revealed… Who is the frontline FW?

Manchester United of the English Premier League (EPL) are working hard to reinforce in the summer transfer market.

Chelsea have already succeeded in signing Mason Mount. And there are two more promising recruits.메이저사이트

Britain’s ‘Mirror’ reported that “Man United will complete a total of three transfer students. The mount has already been completed, and two are likely. They are striker Rasmus Hoeilun (Atalanta) and goalkeeper Andre Onana (Inter Milan).” did.

The media then said, “After completing the signings of Mount, Hoeilun and Onana, we have selected Manchester United’s best 11 for the next season. Manchester United will play the EPL opening match against Wolverhampton at Old Trafford on August 14 (local time). In the match It is the best 11 to come out,” he explained.

The formation is 4-3-3.

Goalkeeper was replaced by Andre Onana rather than David de Gea.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Rafael Baran, Lisandro Martinez, and Luke Shaw were located in the back four. The defenders did not include new transfer students.

In the midfield, Casemiro, Bruno Fernandez, and Mason Mount were in sync, and in the front three-top, Anthony, Höilun, and Marcus Rashford came out.

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