Onyang Girls’ Middle School, a regular on the podium, will there be an accident this year?

“Last year, we achieved unexpected results. I don’t know again this year. what kind of accident In the past, I went in with my head down (into the coat), but now I go in with my head up.”메이저놀이터

The year 2022 at Onyang Girls’ Middle School was hot. Starting with the championship at the association janggi, the first competition of the season, they won two championships and three runners-up, including runner-up in the youth athletics, runner-up in the category competition, runner-up in the weekend league King of Kings, and victory in the fall competition. Of the competitions they participated in, all of them were in the final stage, except for the federation president who only advanced to the semifinals. 

Coach Park Bum-ik said, “I expected (the team’s performance) to be about halfway through last year’s winter training and entering the season. But when I entered the season, it was different. After winning the first competition, the players gained a lot of confidence, which led to other competitions. The players (in the good way) made an accident,” he smiled. 

Coach Park, who cited ‘confidence’ as the driving force behind the good results, said, “I think teamwork was better than other teams. I ordered a quick basketball because I am short. Even when he was training he had a lot of training for fast basketball. He also paid a lot of attention to defense, which he always emphasized. He rarely scored many goals for the opposing team, and that was his biggest advantage.” 

When asked about the defense during training, coach Park said, “There is nothing special, but I always prepare for pressure defense. We make small changes to suit each player’s inclination so that they can defend more efficiently.” 

Many local schools suffer from a lack of players, but Onyang Girls’ Middle School was free from the problem of supply and demand of players. This year, Onyang Girls’ Middle School has a total of 10 teams, including 3 3rd graders, 2 2nd graders, and 5 1st graders. Coach Park said, “(Onyang) Dongshin Elementary School teacher Yu-Ran guides her elementary school students well. Thanks to this, the players’ ball skills are not short, and they can complete basic training to the extent of correcting their wrong habits.”

I also heard about the winter training that influences farming during the year. Coach Park said, “I did less physical training than other years. He seemed to need more real-world experience from his players. So he played a lot of practice matches. He supplemented his game stamina through real matches. In mid-January, we had a five-day practice game with schools in Busan, Changwon, and Ulsan, and at the end of January, 5 or 6 teams gathered in Asan for a practice game. In mid-February, I went to Sangju Stove League.” 

Coach Park picked the 3rd year trio as the players to look forward to this year. He said, “I look at the captain, Kang Joo-ha, and the guard is very fast. He is good in many ways, including offense and passing. He is also capable of solving his scoring chances. He is a friend recognized by other school leaders as well. Shooter Lee Hyo-joo probably has the highest 3-point shooting success rate among women’s midfielders. He is short in stature, but he is a player who works very hard on defense. He struggled with ball handling and slow feet, but he put in a lot of effort during this winter training and overcame a lot of it. And Choi In-kyung, who sees the center, is an indispensable player for our team. He supports the team by doing dirty work such as rebounding and defending from the inside,” applauded the junior players. 

When asked about this year’s goal, coach Park said, “Last year, we achieved unexpected results. I don’t know again this year. what kind of accident In the past, I went in with my head down (on the court), but now I go in with my head up,” he smiled and said, “The players’ confidence has grown. There is also pride in the team called Onyang Girls’ Middle School. There is no pressure (for grades), but I also feel a sense of responsibility. I will do it one by one with the players.” 

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