“Ongoing correctly”… Ceremony Absurd Injury Closer Reveals Current Status

“If everything (rehabilitation process) goes smoothly, I think I can come back sooner than 8 months (injury diagnosis).”

Pitcher Edwin Diaz (29), who suffered an embarrassing injury during a ceremony at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), revealed his physical condition for the first time since the tournament.

Diaz, who was a representative of Puerto Rico, faced the Dominican Republic in the final group D match of the ‘2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC)’ held at Londipou Park in Miami, Florida, USA on the 16th of last month (Korean time), and the team led 9-2. He came out as the closing pitcher at the end of the inning.

Diaz struck out all hitters with great careers in the major leagues, such as Ketel Marte, Jean Segura, and Teosca Hernandez, to keep the team victorious. 토토사이트

The problem arose after that. Diaz, who confirmed his country’s advancement to the second round with the victory that day. Unable to contain his joy, he was injured while having a passionate ceremony with his colleague. It was also serious. It was estimated that it would take more than 8 months to recover after the surgery due to a serious injury in which the patella of his right knee was ruptured.

Currently, Diaz is in the early stages of his rehabilitation. He is under the care of physical therapists to strengthen his knee. After that, he is expected to go through the process of walking, jogging, and running without crutches to recover his lower body, and then start playing catch and pitching.

Diaz explained his physical condition in an interview with his major league official website ‘MLB.com’. “My knee is in good shape,” he said. “Right now, everything is going in the right direction.

Diaz is the league’s leading closer beyond the Mets. He showed strong pitching with a career average of 2.93 ERA and 657 strikeouts in 404 games, 399⅓ innings, 21 holds, 205 saves.

The Mets are filling Diaz’s gap without a fixed closer. Veteran David Robertson and Adam Ottavino are showing good performances, but it is true that Diaz’s vacancy is empty.

Knowing how much the team and fans waited for him, Diaz was determined to get back on the mound quickly. “If everything goes well, I think he can come back sooner than 8 months,” he said.

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