‘Now Chicago Man’ Patrick Beverly “I’m going to knock the Lakers out of the PO with my own hands”

Beverly vowed revenge on the Lakers. 메이저놀이터

Patrick Beverly appeared on his podcast on the 22nd (Korean time) and talked about getting the Los Angeles Lakers out of the playoffs. 

Beverly, who is already spending his 11th season in the NBA, welcomed the opening of the 2022-2023 season wearing a Lakers uniform. However, after being traded with Mo Bamba on the 10th, he moved to Orlando and ended his accompaniment with the Lakers in half a season. 

Beverly, who proceeded with a buyout immediately, decided on Chicago as a new destination after contacting several teams. Last season’s main point guard, Lonzo Ball, was out of the season without playing a single game due to a knee injury. 

Beverly, who radiates tremendous energy on defense, will help the triangle of Zach Lavin, Demar DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic to revitalize Chicago, which is currently in 11th place in the Eastern Conference with a below-expected record of 26-33 in the first half. Prospect.  

Coincidentally, Beverly’s teammates from the beginning of the season will soon meet on the court. This is because Chicago and the Lakers will face off two days apart on March 27 and 30.

When asked how he would feel facing his former team, Beverly vowed revenge, saying, “I want to win and frustrate them from advancing to the playoffs.” 

The Lakers finished the first half in 13th place in the West and need to accumulate as many multipliers as possible for the rest of the season. After their two-game series against Chicago, the Lakers will have just six games left in their regular season schedule, so the outcome against Chicago will be more important than ever.

However, I don’t think Beverly will just watch it so that the Lakers can comfortably win.

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