Noh Beom-soo of Ulju-gun Office Hattumi Ssireum Troupe won the Taebaek class at the Pyeongchang Jangsa Ssireum Competition

Ulju-gun, Ulsan announced on the 10th that Noh Beom-soo (25) of the Hattumi Ssireum Troupe, who belonged to it, has risen to the Taebaek class in the ‘Withers Pharmaceutical 2023 Folk Ssireum Pyeongchang Odaesancheonjangsa Ssireum Competition’ held at the Jinbu Living Gymnasium in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do. .

On this day, Beom-soo Noh met Heo Seon-haeng (Suwon Special City Hall) in the Taebaek Jangsa (80kg or less) final match, which was held in a best-of-five match, and beat him 3-0, winning his 18th personal career title (Geumgang Jangsa 1st Taebaek Jangsa 17th). I grabbed it. 스포츠토토

In the quarterfinals, Lee Kwang-seok (Ulju-gun Office) withdrew due to injury and advanced to the quarter-finals with a bye win.

In the trading match against Heo Seon-haeng, after winning one point with a push in the first round, he succeeded in snatching and pushing in the second and third rounds, confirming the victory.

Noh Beom-soo, who lifted the business trophy on this day, has won all the competitions held this year so far, and is on a winning streak by achieving three crowns in the season (New Year’s Day, Mungyeong, and Pyeongchang).

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