‘No, turn that back?’ Third-base coach calculates the rain and dries his helmet in style

Samsung Lions third-base coach Kang Myung-koo made a smart move in the rain.

Samsung snapped a three-game losing streak with a 6-4 victory over KT Wiz in the final game of the weekend at Lions Park in Daegu on Monday.

A six-inning no-hitter by starter Won Tae-in and three runs in the bottom of the second inning in the pouring rain were the key factors in the victory.

Coach Kang Myung-koo’s bold decision paid off. Lee Jae-hyun’s sacrifice fly gave Samsung a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the second inning.

The light rain suddenly turned into a downpour at Lions Park. It was so heavy that spectators had to reach for their umbrellas and raincoats. In no time at all, the ground was soaked and muddy. Pitching and defence were affected.토토사이트

Second and third. Guzauk batted. On a full count, Koo lined an eight-pitch change-up from Bo Schuler into right-centre field. Right fielder Hong Hyun-bin raced to the bag and cut it off.

Kang Kang-ul, the first baseman, auto-started, but it looked like he was going to have to dig deep to get home. The rain-soaked dirt made it difficult for the runner to run the bases.

But Samsung third base coach Kang Myung-koo didn’t hesitate to turn his arm.

Seeing the sign, Kang sprinted past third base and home. Hong Hyun-bin’s throw went over the second baseman in front of him to shortstop Kim Sang-soo, who was standing behind him. The ball was wet when Kim threw home. It slipped out of his hand. Instead of the catcher on home plate, the ball went to Schuler, who was playing cover behind third base.

Safe and sound, not even close to home. Coach Kang Myung-koo had calculated that the ball would get wet in the rain. Kang stylishly wiped the water off the brim of his helmet with his fingers as if it was a given.

A split-second decision that led to a victory. It was a great moment in the game.

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